What a pother!

Today has been one of those days where things have built up that must, must, must be resolved TODAY. Over the weekend, I found that one of my online booking links had been severed without my knowledge. By the time I had found out about it, it was near enough 5 pm as made no difference, which made it very difficult to get any kind of resolution to the problem.

On top of that, a rather knowledgeable pal told that a web service I had paid for in good faith was essentially not what it had been purported to be, but the service provider was not answering emails regarding this issue. Then, I found out at 3:30 pm today that I must change my website hosting soon as my webmaster was retiring. We have two websites that I oversee for which I must now find a new webmaster: our Cumbrian Lake District guest house, www.blenheim-lodge.com, and our Edinburgh City apartment, www.edinburghholidayapartment.co.uk.

By 1 pm today, I had still not managed to resolve any of the first two issues. Eventually, by 4 pm, I managed to get my website’s online booking presence turned back on, but have decided to leave the other two issues to another day. If anyone out there has a reference for an excellent webmaster, please do get in touch via our email address below!

By 5 pm, I thought I had earned a well deserved break. I have mentioned before my love of antiques, and I really do enjoy watching the BBC 2 Antiques Roadtrip (www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00xgqvf). I like its lightheartedness and find it amusing. I enjoy listening to the commentator, Tim Wonnacott (www.timwonnacott.com): he has a wonderfully expressive voice and can be so humourous! I also really like watching the various antique experts as they try to get the best prices for various items and the excitement of the auctions, although, I have to admit that I have never attended one before.

Pretty antique bed, table, mirror and stool in our Dalesway bedroom

This is a photo of The Dalesway, a room for romance, at Blenheim Lodge. What would the antique experts say about our Louis XV-style antique bed from the 1890s, the period dressing table and 1920s mirror and dressing stool?

Watching antique shows on TV makes me wish that I could be an antiques expert as well. However, I think I might be a little long in the tooth now for learning a new trade, although we only did take up running a guest house when we were already in our 40s. Previous to that, we had had no experience of working or managing a B&B, guest house, or hotel.

Running a guest house is never dull, and can often be challenging. If it is not the accounts that my poor addle-headed brain has to deal with (as I am terrible with numbers – ask my long suffering teachers), then it might be dealing with new legislation relating to accommodation providers, or trying to make out whether an email requesting bed and breakfast is spam, viral, or genuine, etc. The latter is particularly trying as some spam emails look very genuine.

The overall verdict, however, is a good one. My husband and I would like to retire eventually to a smaller bed and breakfast establishment. We had started thinking about this 2-3 years ago when nearing the 50 years mark. We started thinking of downsizing to 8 rooms, and then 6 rooms; now, I think, I would like 3-5 rooms. However, this is a way off yet as we still have more than a decade to retirement age!

It is late now and Maddi has just returned from her walk. Zack, which will ‘stride’ along unlike Maddi, which will potter about and not walk far, is now taking his turn. Then it’s beddie-byes for the dogs and for us.

Goodnight everyone. Sleep tight and God bless.

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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