Silly ole me

Yesterday was a bright and sunny day, and I thought I would go for a walk to the local shops in hunt of a present for one of our guests. We have had Diane and Stewart visiting us regularly over the last 4 years and this year they were returning with friends to stay because they enjoyed being at our guest house so much. They particularly like the quirkiness of our rooms, the views and the homely warmth and friendly ambience.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the visit was to celebrate Stewart’s birthday, and we wanted to get him a little something just to wish him many happy returns. I had tried to order some handmade chocolates for him originally but the order was not going to arrive until they had left us, so I put on my thinking cap. It then occurred to me that I could buy him a cake. So having left Hubby in charge of the guest house, I trotted off down the road to the shops in search of a specialty cake.

My search did not go well. I could not find the cake I wanted, and started to trawl the shops instead in hopes of finding something suitable. Unfortunately, I was really feeling rather chilled by this time. The weather was gorgeous yesterday but I had not dressed warmly enough to cut out the biting wind. As a result, I felt an icicle and even popping into one shop after another in an effort to hunt down a gift did not help me to warm up.

I finally found a lovely little book with real-life quotes and comments from members of golf clubs over the early to mid 20th century.  Stewart enjoys golf and I thought he might like a book where a collection of humorous snippets pertaining to golf and golf clubs had been brought together for light reading in a small bound copy. Unfortunately, by this time I was feeling quite cold as I had been wandering about for around an hour – 40 minutes more than I had expected to be out!

The long and short of it is that I am now, I think, nursing a budding sore throat from the chill that I had taken. It has been a busy weekend so I have had little rest, having been working from 7:30 am to 12:30 am over the last few days. I am however hopeful that I will not succumb to a cold by being good and drinking honey and lemon water. I have done this in the past and it always works a treat. So, silly ole me for not dressing warmly enough!

Well, here is a photo of Bowness-on-Windermere’s Church Street, which is a continuation of the main high street, Crag Brow, in this small town. Crag Brow is itself a continuation of the main Lake Road which runs from Windermere to Bowness. (Lake Road is not by Lake Windermere but is a main road leading to the Lake.) The shops in Bowness are not the usual chain store shops that one finds in most towns or cities, so they are quite interesting to browse. Perhaps you will come to visit Bowness one day and enjoy browsing the shops too. If you do, please do consider visiting with us at Blenheim Lodge.

These shops on Church Street are about a 2-minute walk downhill from our B&B guest house, Blenheim Lodge. (

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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