A changeable day

Today is the first day in a long while when I have seen the weather change from good to not so good within about 4 hours. The day dawned bright and beautiful with lovely blue skies and great visibility. Guests leaving us today were regretful that they would miss the fantastic weather and in fact asked for tips on places to visit before leaving Lakeland because of they wanted to take advantage of the good weather. Unfortunately, by 2 pm, the skies had turned cloudy and rain drops were falling.

I only realised that it was raining when Maddi came in damp from a quick walk. Maddi is what one might call a ‘wuss’. She is padded out with a thick waterproof coat yet she dislikes the rain intensely. A few drops will see her scampering back from a walk before it has even begun. Hubby will take her out to do her business, and as soon as she has done a token very wee puddle, she will turn right around and head back home.

Noticing that Maddi was damp, with the raindrops literally just resting on the top of her coat, I wondered if Zack had been taken out as well. Zack, our bulldozer of a dog, will brave anything and everything. He doesn’t mind a little rain and will quite happily tramp through the wet enjoying the freshening air and open spaces. Of course it doesn’t do to let a Pyrenean off the lead when out walking them on public ground as they have no recall. However, Zack is a trooper and does not mind walking by Hubby’s side even as the wide open spaces call.

Choppy blue waters, heavy grey clouds, the silhouette of a careworn tree leaning over the water’s edge and a dark edged shoreline all make for a very atmospheric picture of a dull day on Lake Windermere. But wait! Don’t you see the hope of brighter weather to come in the generous dash of white skies in the distance? (Photo courtesy of www.lakelandcam.co.uk/this_week/thisweek.html.)

It is now night and the rain has eased off. The drizzle never really progressed to heavier rain but it was a continuous ‘drip ‘drip’ for much of the afternoon. Sitting inside the house and looking out onto surrounding Old Bowness and Lake Windermere, the effect is that of cosy comfort, with the effect of imparting one with a warm snuggly feeling.

Over the past weeks, the news forecast has been for bad weather in the area but today is the first day that I have noticed any truly dull weather. Bowness-on-Windermere is protected by the surrounding hills and mountains and has its own micro climate. For this reason, I think I will continue to take the weather forecasts with a pinch of salt and simply enjoy the sun when it shines!

What I can see from my window at Blenheim Lodge on a not so sun-shiney day: an almost black and white view of Lake Windermere, the mountains and the sky. Despite it being overcast, I still think that this moody scenery is beautiful! Why not visit Blenheim Lodge and enjoy these views from our rooms yourself?

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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