Zack is 5!

Zack, our sometimes boisterous Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is now 5. I can hardly believe it! He is still such a baby at times, delighting in all the attention he can get from his family, and skipping about on all fours like a spring lamb. His eyes mesmerise you with sheer love and devotion and my heart always melts for him.

I think Zack has made new fans in the past week. Our plumber had been working in our apartment and had neglected to close the connecting door between our quarters and the guest house. As a result, whilst I was chatting and saying goodbye to some Japanese guests, a smiling dog came bounding up to one of them as if to say, ‘Here I am. Make eyes at me!’

Of course Zack lapped it all up! If you were a dog who loves affection and has adoring fans who want to take your photo, would you not pose with the best of them? In fact, there were so many pictures taken that I have asked for photos of Zack from them as keepsakes and to share if some of the shots should prove particularly photogenic.

Zack is sitting by me right now as I type with one hand. He has commandeered the other hand as he will insinuate himself under my arm and bump it upwards to get me off the keypad so that he can be petted. Monty, our late Pyrenean, used to do the same.

As I pat our big dog, I am conscious of how blessed we have been to share his life. He is so devoted to us and loves us unconditionally. As human beings, we can really learn some important lessons of love and acceptance from our furry hariy friends.

Zack is 5! Happy birthday!

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