The sound of silence

It is about 2:15 pm and Hubby and I have just had our lunch, having finished cleaning 9 guest rooms at Blenheim Lodge by about 1:30 pm. As I write this post, Maddi is lying on the floor close by me, whilst Zack is curled up in Hubby’s armchair, both of them being too lazy to move even to say hello. It is quiet – so quiet that I can almost hear the air vibrating around me.

Esthwaite Water, one of my favourite lakes, is only 20 minutes from Blenheim Lodge. Hubby goes there to fish and enjoy some peace and quiet on the water. I sometimes accompany him, also to take in the breathtaking scenery and tranquility of the Lake and its surrounding countryside. (Photo courtesy of

I love this quietness because it restores my spirit. It gives me space to think, to write, to be. Yesterday was a busy day as we had lots of new check-ins. Today, with every one of our guests already checked in and the rooms cleaned, all I need to contend with are the mundane aspects of running a guest house: doing the washing up and laundry; setting the dining room tables preparatory for breakfast the next morning; updating room availability and replying to emails; and preparing my grilling trays for breakfast tomorrow. There will likely be a quantity of other odd jobs as well to add to this list, but the main bulk of today’s work is now done and I can sit back and enjoy the peace.

My thoughts are currently on my dogs. Both have been ill with colitis and both Hubby and I have worried about them as if they were our human children. I was speaking to someone recently and told him what the vet had suggested for their diet while their systems recover from this illness: plain boiled chicken and rice; steamed white fish and pasta; mashed potato and cottage cheese. When I told my friend what we were to feed the dogs, he could hardly believe his ears; ‘They are like children,’ he said.

Well, the good thing about mashed potato and cottage cheese, which is mainly what we have been giving the dogs, is that we can conceal their medication in the food. A squirt of some white potion is put into the mash as well as a crushed up pink tablet. Maddi, which is generally hungry all the time, has been no problem at all in terms of taking her medicine like a lady. Zack, on the other hand, has exhibited his fussiness with food again, and would not finish his meal yesterday. Nonetheless, we kept the uneaten portion and he finished it at dinner time probably out of hunger as we have been advised to feed both dogs only small amounts at a time.

As I sit here and contemplate my two canine companions, both of which are happily snoozing away, I thank God for the tranquility of this moment. My life can be so frenetic at times, that I often get no chance to sit quietly and take a breath without having to do something else at the same time. For example, I have become adept at answering a query on the phone and cleaning a guest bathroom at the same time. Thus quiet time to myself has become an infinitely precious commodity indeed.

The Lake District is of course an excellent place to visit for a peaceful relaxing break. One can get away from everyone and everything if one wants to do so. These pockets of stillness exist even in some of the more populated areas in the Lakes – one just needs to know where to find them. Now I’ll let you into a secret: wander the acres of fields and woodlands behind our guesthouse and you will find not one but a number of hideaways where you can escape into your very own space in peace. And this part of Bowness-on-Windermere is only just one of the numerous spots in the Lakes you can make your very own!

A place to contemplate the world. Here is a photo of one of the viewpoints located behind our guest house. Brantfell is about 40 minutes’ walk from our front door. Enjoy this stunning scenery when you stay at Blenheim Lodge. (Photo courtesy of

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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