Cleaning after my dogs – sigh!

Some of you may have read that just over a week or two ago, we had to take Maddi to the vet because she was having diarrhea. We found out she had colitis. Then, the day after we had driven all the way to Keswick to see the vet, Hubby found blood in Zack’s stools; so it was back up the road to the vet. Maddi was given two injections plus medicine, but Zack, which wasn’t as badly infected, was only dosed with tablets and liquid medication.

We often walk into Keswick centre when we are in the town. Bryson’s is well-known in Keswick and has recently opened a shop in Bowness-on-Windermere, about a 3-minute walk from our guest house, Blenheim Lodge.

Seven days later, and all seemed well. Both dogs which had been put on a diet of cottage cheese and plain mashed potato to ‘dry’ them up were back to their usual lively selves. Then, two evenings later, Maddi started to circle again. ‘Click, click, click’ went her nails as she paced around our apartment. She could not settle and she could not keep her food in either. This meant that we got no sleep because she was restless.

The next afternoon, we were back at the vet’s. This time Maddi was given three injections and medication. My fear was that she would infect Zack, but the nurse told us that it was unlikely. However, over the last 24 hours, Zack seems to be having a little difficulty keeping his bowels closed. Hence my huge sigh regarding the cleaning up.

The dogs have gone out now with Hubby and we have decided that we will reduce the amount of food we give them so that their tummies will have a little bit more of a rest. Meanwhile, the hall floor in our apartment has not seen as much cleaning fluid thrown at it as it has in the recent two weeks.

A while back, Maddi had had a problem with cystitis that lasted for ages. This meant that one had to keep a sharp eye out for puddles on the floor. One of our sons stepped in a puddle when he came out of his bedroom to great laughter from the rest of the family when we heard of his little mishap.

Often people think about giving a cute puppy or dog a home. No thought is given to the upsets that they can cause to the physical environment of the home nor the time, effort, and financial cost it takes to keep them. Moreover, as puppies grow into dogs, they might lose their cuteness, and hence we see strays in the streets or dogs being shunned by their once doting owners through no fault of their own.

Picture of two Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Maddi and Zack, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog mascots at Blenheim Lodge. Both dogs were previously abused and rescued by us. They are not allowed into the part of our guest house where our guests stay, since they may not be everyone’s cup of tea! (This photo was taken by a professional photographer from Figaro, a Japanese lifestyle ladies’ magazine. The photographer took this picture as part of their magazine feature on Blenheim Lodge.)

Maddi and Zack have cost us lots in terms of time and effort, but they have also given us much joy. If nothing else, they have taught us to have patience with them – one needs the latter quality to some extent when one has to keep cleaning up over and over again, sometimes up to 5 times a day when one’s dog has cystitis! However, despite a huge sigh before and at the end of each cleaning session, I would not be without them. They are a part of the family and will remain so until they leave us.

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