A cosy kind of day

Today is what I would like to call a cosy kind of day. It is not a bright sunshiny day, nor is it a rainy day. In fact, it is rather cloudy, but it is not cold at all. It feels temperate and there is a quality to the air that makes one want to settle down in a comfy chair, tuck one’s feet under one’s legs,, and simply lose oneself in the slow movement of the day . . . tick tock, tick tock, tick tock . . . .

A beautiful view of the lake and mountains beyond from The Fairfield room despite the greyness of the day. This daybed is set in an alcove of triple floor to ceiling bay windows and makes a great place for lazing on to read a book whilst gazing on fantastic lake and mountain views. Since this picture was taken, we have gained permission from the neighbour to trim down his hedge so that guests staying in The Fairfield room at our Bowness guest house may now enjoy a clearer view of Lake Windermere.

I enjoy days like this especially after a frenetic few days when I have been on the go non-stop. On days like this, where grey clouds press in to create a spatial cocoon, so that one can lean into the quietness that seems to have become an inherent quality of the air, I feel that I can let myself go and relax into this special atmosphere. It is a feeling that I have known since I was a child, when I used to look forward to the monsoon rains whilst safely hidden in the ‘den’ I created under my blanket.

I hope the weather will hold for our guests’ sake. Of course most of our B&B guests prefer warmth and sunshine when they are visiting the English Lake District, but one cannot have so many lovely lakes without rainfall. Thankfully, although it is grey outside, it is not raining – yet (?) – and I hope that our guests will have a great time enjoying the scenery and activities on offer without getting soaked!

This photo was taken today by Tony Richards on www.lakelandcam.co.uk. Despite the grey clouds, lots of people seem to be enjoying a Jubilee weekend street party in Keswick town centre by Moot Hall.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to soaking up the peaceful atmosphere at home that this grey cloak of clouds has engendered in the air. Or perhaps it is only in my mind – a figment of my imagination! If so, long may it last!

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