Getting a rain tan

Today has seen a fair amount of rain in the form of short sharp showers. The rain has been soft, rather than driven and there has been no wind to accompany the steady drizzles. When the clouds did hold their water, we also experienced some valiant attempts by the sun to break through the light grey clouds that floated upon the hilltops and fells.

The phrase, ‘getting a rain tan’ was coined by a guest who arrived yesterday to stay with us for 5 nights. I was opening the front door to admit some new arrivals this afternoon when I saw two familiar faces seated on the porch chairs admiring the views of Lake Windermere and its surrounding mountains from their vantage point. Around them was the steady ‘drip, drip’ of a gentle rain. On seeing this, I quipped, ‘Enjoying the rain?’ With a cheeky smile, Mike said, ‘We are getting a rain tan.’

This is how the skies looked early this morning from our porch at Blenheim Lodge. By late morning, the clouds had been blown away by a brisk breeze, and only blue skies and bright sunshine remained. Then, in the afternoon, the rains started to arrive a little more steadily, making for a wetter day.

Well, rain tan or no, Mike, his wife, and all our other guests have not allowed today’s cloudy skies and rain bursts affect the enjoyment of their day. A grandmother and her 14-year old granddaughter who had some time to kill before heading home on the train, took a walk up The Dales Way and woodlands behind our house and returned raving about how pretty the scenery was. They were fortunate when they walked the footpath as it was not rainy then and the sun was trying hard to put its hat on. Hence, they enjoyed some marvellous far-reaching views of Lake Windermere and its surrounding hills.

I don’t know what the weather will bring tomorrow, but I do know that our current intrepid guests will likely not allow any bad weather to disrupt their enjoyment of the Lake District. I have to admit that there are some guests who particularly dislike the wind, rain, and cold. Most others, however, will take all weathers in their stride, and enjoy themselves irregardless of the weather.

Rain at Tarn Hows, of which I wrote about in a previous post. (Photo courtesy of Tony Richards from

Personally, I always say that there would be no lakes in the Lake District if there were no rain. The flora that surrounds the lakes would not be green and lush, nor the lakes full of life if the rains did not come. Now, when the sun shines, the Lake District looks like a jewel of many colours glinting in the sunlight, with contrasting shades of deep blues and bright greens made more interesting here and there with colourful flowering plants. If we did not have the rains, then it would be a sere place indeed, and the Lake District would not be what it is. So, let’s get started with that rain tan!

Raindrops on bright pink foxgloves at White Moss Walk, White Moss, Rydal. (Photo courtesy of Tony Richards from

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