Trust in the Lord and don’t despair

When I was in Primary 1, this was one of the choruses that I learnt very early on during my first days at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School. Each of us had a chorus sheet, on which was printed many choruses which we sang before classes began at the beginning of each school day. I sang from this chorus sheet during the 10 years I was in school, and many of them still comfort and inspire me to this day.

‘The school crest has a cross above the words Paya Lebar MGS signifying that Christ is above all. The lines radiating from the cross suggest that the light of God will shine through the school. The background is yellow which stands for brightness and light, for the school is to be like a beacon to the community.’ (Words and photo courtesy of

At the beginning of each school year, our form teacher would lead us in singing 3 choruses and a prayer. After the first week of class, the girls would take turns to lead this time of prayer and praise instead, and thus we all had the opportunity to choose our favourite choruses to sing along with our classmates. This chorus, ‘Trust in the Lord and don’t despair’, is one of my favourite songs. The lyrics go:

Trust in the Lord and don’t despair,

He is a friend so true!

No matter what your troubles are,

Jesus will see you through.

Sing, when the day is bright;

Sing, through the darkest night

Everyday, all the way,

Let us sing, sing, sing!

You can imagine how comforting these words are when life becomes complicated and one is worried about things beyond one’s control. Even when one has some control over one’s actions, like studying for examinations for example, these words encourage one to trust the Lord to help one in one’s studies, as well as other areas of one’s life. The act of singing to the Lord and praising him whilst re-affirming His care for us in song when one is mired in dark days and nights is in itself uplifting to one’s soul.

I find this verse very encouraging. The fact that I have God, the Almighty, to rely on is most heartening indeed. (Image courtesy of

Now, with my kids in young adulthood and with the influences of a very secular and mostly selfish world upon them, I often pray for their salvation and their safety from all that would lead them astray and away from the Lord. There is no one that I can trust but God. Only the Holy Spirit can prepare my children’s hearts and minds to accept Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Hence the subject of my post today.

I came across Gracewalk, who wrote ‘Praise Him through the hard times’, which I thought very apt with respect to the theme of my post tonight: It is not easy to praise the Lord all the time when one is feeling low; however, David’s example is paramount, as also is Job’s, who continues to trust the Lord despite his misfortunes. (I like the fact that Job was not afraid to speak his mind before God. He is our Father, and this means that we can be honest with Him. In any case, He knows what we think and feel even before we disclose our thoughts to Him.) Lastly, I am minded of the Lord’s prayer, where Jesus teaches us first to praise the Lord, before entreating Him with our petitions.

Psalm 91:1 ‘He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.’ (Photo courtesy of

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