Rain, rain, go away

Today, the Lake District has been rather rained out, and it has reminded me of the following verse:

Rain, rain, go away;

Come again another day.

Little Johnny wants to play.

I learnt the ditty above as a young child in Singapore; and when it was rained cats and dogs during the monsoon seasons, my friends and I would often chant these lines.

However, I think that it has been the adults who have wished the rain away today instead – particularly those involved in the Great North Swim. Today’s 2-mile swimming event had to be postponed for 48 hours due to a weather forecast of strong gusting winds and torrential rain. Meanwhile, the meet tomorrow has also been cancelled due to the potential strength of underwater currents created by high winds and heavy rain.

‘Windermere still, at the Low Wood Marina’. This was what the Lake looked like on 20th June 2012, the day before the Olympic Torch made its procession across it to Bowness-on-Windermere. (Photo and quote courtesy of www.lakelandcam.co.uk/this_week/thisweek.html.)

The vagaries of British weather certainly does play havoc with plans for outdoor events at times but it certainly did not prevent large crowds from attending the Olympic Torch celebrations last night. Friday saw an inordinate amount of rain; but by mid-afternoon, a large crowd of men, women and children had already gathered on the shores of Lake Windermere to welcome the arrival of the Olympic Torch by boat from Waterhead, near Ambleside. Our butcher, who lives near The Glebe, gave us this piece of news yesterday when he was delivering the handmade bacon and sausages that we serve our guests.

Of course we cannot let the weather dictate all our movements unless it is foolhardy to ignore bad weather implications. Thus, despite the continuous rain yesterday, a crowd of spectators stood in the wet for hours as they watched the athletes and performers involved in the Olympic Torch procession and celebrations put on stunning performance after stunning performance. Guests returned to Blenheim Lodge soaked to the skin but happy. Thankfully no one has caught a chill!

These last two days have seen some of the worst weather we have had in the Lake District since the beginning of the year. Mostly it has been a run of glorious days of sunshine, and I think that 2012 has seen some of the best weather in Bowness-on-Windermere for the first six months of the year since we first came to live here in 2002. Normally, I would have expected more inclement weather before the middle of the year.

Well, today is meant to be the longest day of the year, but any hope of a spectacular sunset this evening has been put to rest by lowering rain-filled clouds. Indeed, daylight has already faded where normally it would still be light outside at this time of year. Let us see if tomorrow’s forecast will prove correct and whether it will brighten up during the coming week.

‘Sailing boats on Windermere’. A cheerful picture of Windermere with yachtsmen sailing on ruffled blue waters under bright sunny skies. (Quote and photo courtesy of www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/visiting/informationcentres/bownessinformationcentre.)

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