Furniture hunting

I think I will go furniture hunting quite soon. Lately, I have been thinking about buying an antique linen press and a marble-topped dressing table with stool. I will also need to buy a bedside table and possibly a side table too to complete the look in one of our bedrooms. The problem is that I have yet to see any matching items either in one or more shops that will enable me to buy the whole lot at the same time.

When buying antique furniture for a room, it is not always possible to buy pieces that match all at once precisely because the they are antique. If one thinks about damage and decay over the centuries, then perhaps only one or two items of a specific suite might have survived. And since bedroom suites were not de rigueur, furniture for a bedroom then as now might have been bought separately one item at a time.

When Hubby and I first began refurnishing the bedrooms at our Bowness-on-Windermere guest house, Blenheim Lodge, we were able to use the services of an antiques dealer who bought various items for us on approval and stored them until we had enough to make up a ‘suite’. Unfortunately, this is not an option at present as we are now looking for a different style of furniture that this dealer does not specialise in.

I love the feel of old wood and the history that comes with antique furniture and do enjoy hunting them out. It will come as no surprise then that some of my favourite TV programmes concern antiques hunting, such as Bargain Hunt on BBC 1 ( and the Antiques Road Trip on BBC2 ( I only wish I had their knowledge and gumption to bargain as hard over the true value of goods being sold.

I am thinking at present about contacting our local antiques dealer in Windermere. In fact, the shop featured in one episode of the Antiques Road Trip. We have bought from the shop in the past, and I currently have my eye on one of their items. Unfortunately, the shop does not have any other furniture pieces to match the style and shape of the dressing table that I am interested in, so I am holding back at least until I manage to locate a linen press that will match up.

Well, I am going to finish this post off now as I am off antiques hunting! I am even contemplating asking the local antiques shop about visiting our guest house to see whether the proprietors can make any suggestions about pieces they might have which will look well in one of our guest rooms. That’s the joy of going local, I suppose.


I am hoping to replace some of the pieces of furniture in The Coniston room that will better match up with this antique 4-poster bed. Enjoy lovely views of Lake Windermere and its surrounding mountains from the window, or keep the curtains open and wake up in the morning to gorgeous views of the Lake whilst lazing in bed.

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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