Making up a bed for Zack

A few posts back, I talked about Maddi’s new bed. I never did make one up for Zack as he likes to lie on the floor outside our son’s room and there isn’t enough space there for a ‘bed’. However, I have now decided to make up a bed for Zack as well because he seems to have decided that he should have ownership of Maddi’s bed instead.

Recently, Zack has shown an alarming tendency to snap at Maddi when she is heading towards her bed after walkies with Hubby. Last night was a case in point. I was just about to put Maddi’s bed down for her when Zack, which was standing near me, started to growl at her. Then, he darted his head forward and snapped! He did not bite her nor did he intend to do so; he was merely warning her that she should back off.

Not to be daunted, Maddi turned around and barked right back at the young pretender. Between the two of them, I had a couple of large snarling dogs which I tried to separate so that I could quieten them down. It was all over a bed which they had shared previously and which they also sometimes totally ignore.

Hubby thought that perhaps I should make up a bed for Zack as well so that he would have one of his own. Looking back, Maddi always commandeered Zack’s ‘beds’ even though she had her own. When she suffered from bouts of cystitis and colitis, she messed up not only her beds, but Zack’s too. As a result, we have by now thrown out a couple of single mattresses and two rugs.

The new ‘beds’ I have made up for the dogs are actually single duvets enveloped in double covers. These are fully portable, which means that I can remove them when the dogs come in with muddy feet after walkies. They are also washable, which is just as well, as I had to wash Maddi’s bed when she urinated on it a fortnight ago.

Of course the dogs are more than capable of sharing the current one bed, and I have seen them both lying side by side on it, whilst at other times, both will disregard it. At present, as I write, Maddi is lying on the floor sans bed, whilst Zack is curled up on it. There has not been a peep between them regarding this current state of affairs.

Both Hubby and I feel sorry for Maddi whenever we see her carefully easing herself down onto the floor to rest. Monty, our previous rescued Pyrenean, never seemed to want a bed except to sleep in ours. Even when he was old, he was always quite happy to lie on stone or wooden floors unless he could possibly sneak into our bedroom.

Picture of two Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Maddi and Zack, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog mascots at Blenheim Lodge. Both dogs were previously abused and rescued by us. They are not allowed into the part of our guest house where our guests stay, since they may not be everyone’s cup of tea! (This photo was taken some while back by a professional photographer from Figaro, a Japanese lifestyle ladies’ magazine. The photographer took this picture as part of their magazine feature on Blenheim Lodge.)

Maddi, on the other hand seems to appreciate a padded surface most times. Zack, which normally prefers to lie on the bare floor too, however, seems to have decided that he should have first dibs on Maddi’s bed even when he does not intend to use it. Talk about being a dog in the manger!

Tonight, the dogs will have a bed each. Hopefully Hubby’s smart idea of having two beds will help keep the peace between the dogs; that is, provided Maddi and Zack do not both try to take ownership of both beds at the same time. In which case, we will be back to square one!

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