The teeth were out!

Yesterday I posted about making up a bed for Zack. I was afraid that Maddi would try to take over the bed once I put it on the floor for him. Well, my fears proved only too true.

Maddi had already been out for a short walk as she does not walk far these days. In fact, ever since we’ve had her, we have noticed that she does not really like walking. This might possibly be due to her arrhythmia.

Well, Maddi returned home and proceeded to make herself comfortable on her own bed, which I had laid out nicely for her. After pawing at the comforter and bunching it up, she finally re-arranged it to her satisfaction and duly lowered herself rather gingerly onto it. The poor thing has some arthritis in her joints, I think, and so it takes her a little longer to get down onto the floor than to get up off it.

Approximately 20 minutes later, Zack came waltzing in. He was in a happy mood and skipped about like a young lamb as Pyreneans are wont to do. You have never seen a dog skip until you see a Pyrenean do so. A Pyrenean literally lifts off on all four legs and plonks down again, just like lambs do!

Time to calm Zack down, I thought. So out came the new bed I had made up for him last night. Unfortunately, as soon as I started to lay it down on the floor, Maddi, which was already lying nicely on her own bed, decided to come round and inspect the proceedings.

Zack, which was all smiley minutes before, was not a happy boy and barked at her. Not to be daunted, Maddi plonked her behind onto the comforter, turned round at Zack, and proceeded to growl fiercely at him. Hubby, who had come out of the bedroom to see what was happening, grabbed her collar and pulled her away.

In order to distract Zack, I decided to call him to me, and spent some time playing with him instead, jumping up and down like a yoyo whilst he emulated my moves. By this time, Maddi had waddled quickly back to Zack’s bed and taken up residence on it. Zack, the dear boy, had no choice but to lie on Maddi’s bed or on bare floor boards.

This morning, when Hubby got up to take the dogs out, he found both dogs in their own respective beds. I think that the novelty of clean sheets, which Maddi absolutely loves, had worn off once she had messed them up. She must have moved off to her own bed eventually and kicked Zack off it.

For all the fact that Maddi is an old dog, and Zack is the new pretender, she is still top dog in many ways. We purposely made sure that she came above Zack in the pecking order because: a) she was here first; b) we knew that Zack would outgrow her to be larger and stronger. Maddi is bossy and will complain vociferously when things don’t go her way.

So, the teeth were out last night when the dogs came to loggerheads regarding their bedding; but today they are good friends again. I am glad about this as I certainly do not enjoy playing referee between two large snarling dogs. As they snooze about me now, one on the sofa and the other on a bed, you would be hard put to believe that these two were the same fierce opponents we had last night. The thought that comes to mind at this moment in time is, ‘Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths!’

pyrenean mountain dog

Maddi and Zack.

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