Free room upgrade special offer

Today we had a Scandinavian couple arrive at our guest house. I happened to meet the gentleman on the stairs and found myself facing someone over 2 metres tall. The couple had booked a room where the bed has a foot end. It is a lovely room with gorgeous French antique furniture, but I could tell that the gentleman’s legs would likely overhang the foot of the bed.

Wondering how we could help, I went and knocked on their room door, where the lady had just begun making herself at home in their room. I mentioned that I had just met her husband and asked if they would like a free room upgrade where there was a bed with no foot board because of her husband’s height. She asked to see the alternative room and was very pleased; so now they are ensconced in their new accommodation.

A beautiful view of Lake Windermere and its surrounding mountains from the room at Blenheim Lodge that the Scandinavian couple was upgraded to today. I caught the husband taking photos of the spectacular scenery from the triple floor to ceiling bay windows in their room. Why not also enjoy the Lake close up on a Windermere Cruise ferry which you can board just 7 minutes’ walk from Blenheim Lodge? We are able to offer an exclusive 10% discount for single cruise tickets. Please do ask!

Hubby and I are always happy to upgrade our guests to rooms that are a price range above what they had paid for if the higher priced rooms are available at the time of arrival. This couple were particularly fortunate because the higher priced room had a bed that suited the husband’s height better. Now he can sleep straight on the bed if he wants, rather than having to sleep diagonally or curled up!

We have given free room upgrades to a number of people already this year. Amongst them were a mother and her ten-year old son, whom we upgraded to a 4-poster room from the standard room they had originally booked. She had arrived to stay with another friend and this friend’s ten-year old son, and we thought that it might be nice for them to stay in rooms next to each other. As the four-poster was next to her friend’s room, it made sense to upgrade them and they were very happy to accept the free upgrade.

Our feeling on upgrades is that it is better for guests to have the use of a room that is free anyway if they prefer the alternative room. Of course there has to be a limit on the value of the upgrade, as is generally the case with holiday accommodation products. For us, however, the payback occurs when we can see that our guests appreciate our goodwill gesture.

The purpose of going on holiday is to relax and enjoy oneself. We hope that where we are able to offer free room upgrades, our guests will find another dimension of their holidays to enjoy. When our guests are satisfied, then are we also pleased and happy for them!

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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