For the past two or three weeks now, I have been experiencing much interrupted sleep. This morning, I could hardly drag myself out of bed when the alarm rang. I had finally switched off the light around 1 am after being on my feet for most of yesterday from 8 am, so you can imagine how tired I was feeling.

Maddi, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog of almost eight years of age has been waking me up with her need to go to the loo in the middle of the night; not once, but several times. Today was really the last straw. I could not understand why the dog was turning her night into day, and decided that I should phone the vet. Besides, she had been wetting her bedding over the past few days, and today I found that she had wet not just her own bedding but Zack’s too.

So it was off to the vet for a check up. Maddi, it seems, is suffering from a urinary tract infection. The vet was keen to find out whether she was getting up to go to the loo or whether she was simply weeing into her bedding without bothering to get up. He told Hubby that if it was the latter, then we would need to consider her quality of life because she really is rather old for a giant breed dog that had formerly been appallingly abused.

Thankfully Maddi is still remembering to get up to wee. It has been this getting up that has put paid to my sleep over the past weeks. I said to Hubby that I really should no longer be aware of Maddi waking up in the night given that she is hardly a pup. However, it seems that some part of my consciousness remains alert at night as if for a tiny baby, and I am instantly awake when I hear Maddi get up.

Maddi has now been prescribed tablets for her urinary tract infection, and I am hopeful that some good will come of her medication right away – like tonight! I need to sleep! Preferably without waking midway through the early hours of the morning.

It is now just after 6:30 pm and I have already washed one set of the bedding that Maddi soiled. I will still need to dry the bedding. Another set is soaking in soapy water at present, although I hope to have washed and dried all the bedding for the dogs’ bedtime tonight. This will probably mean staying up until 11 pm to get everything done, which in turn will mean another late night.

Taking on a rescue dog is never easy. One does not know what exactly the adopted dog went through before coming into Rescue. Maddi was severely maltreated and looked a sight when we first brought her home. She had no confidence, was unable to look anyone in the eye, showed no interest in her environment and did not bark except at another dog.

However, Maddi has come a long way since we adopted her five years ago. She has gained much self-confidence, will assert herself by barking if she thinks that she is being hard done by, and can just about maintain eye contact for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, she will also make sure that we know that she is annoyed with us by urinating or defecating as the case may be if she does not get her own way. Oh, what a wonderful life!

My hope is that Maddi will quickly get better and feel good in herself again. Scottish Pyrenean Rescue has commended us on bringing Maddi round and for giving her a good life. We are glad that we have been able to help with Maddi, Monty and Zack, but do wish heartily that our so-called superior species would treat other species with respect. After all, are we not all part of God’s beloved creation?

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