Praise God!

As a mother, one always hopes for the best for one’s child. Over the past weeks and months, I have been praying for our younger son to actually do something about applying for a course that he wants to do after his ‘A’ levels. He had wanted to make golf his career, so Hubby and I had helped him apply for a golf scholarship to a school just outside Edinburgh. Then, in an about turn, he decided that – at this time at least – golf was not for him anymore. I could have torn my hair out!

So what was our son to do then after his ‘A’ levels? Because he had originally wanted to study for his PGA, he had disdained all attempts at getting him to apply to UCAS, the UK’s administrative body for university applications. Naively, he thought that he could simply go out into the big wide world and get a great job without any further qualifications. He told me he did not know what he wanted to do; but he knew that he wanted to earn some money in order to rent a flat with a friend.

Life of course is never straightforward and he was finally encouraged to consider tertiary education and more importantly, to apply for a course that he could be interested in. He did find something and applied for the course. Most would be students apply to more than one institution when chasing courses on a subject or subjects of their choice. Our son, however, only applied to one place and one place only!

Well, on Monday just past, I was praying for our son and felt a surety that he would get into the course he had applied for. On Thursday, his ‘A’ level results were announced and we found that he had missed the mark – quite literally – with respect to the conditional offer of a place on the course. Our boy was at this time already in Edinburgh, so we prayed together over the phone that all would turn out well.

The next step was to telephone the college that he had applied to to ask if he could still be considered for this year’s intake into the course based on his current ‘A’ level results. Unfortunately, the tutor who could make the decision was away on holiday and would not be back until Monday. Thus it was that both he and I spent much of Thursday on the telephone, ringing around various institutions which had courses available for ‘clearing’ in the field of his choice.

Still, at the back of my mind and our son’s was the belief that the Lord had his best interests at heart. Several universities and colleges offered our boy a place but he turned down most of them. Finally, we had two choices left, one of which was the college he had applied to some weeks back.

This morning, I spent most of my time phoning our son and the college that he wanted to attend to see if a decision had been made yet. At 9:45 am, I finally managed to get hold of the person with whom I had spoken last week. He still had not been able speak with the tutor. However, he promised to speak to him in the next 10 minutes and to call me back with a decision. 11:30 am came and went. Finally, just before 12 noon, the call came through to say that the tutor wanted to take another look at our son’s application before making a final decision on whether he would be offered a place or not. The tutor would do this in the afternoon and then would get back directly to our boy.

All we could do was to pray and believe. Eventually, around 2 or 3 pm, I got a call from our son to say that he was now the recipient of an unconditional offer for the course. Praise God! This was the one and only course he had applied to and he wanted to go there instead of any of the others he had been offered through clearing. How wonderful was the news!

Our son is dyslexic and the college was also offering him academic support for this. What great things indeed has the Lord done for us! So, all I can say is a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to God for His goodness to our boy. It has been a rather anxious time for us all and I am just so grateful that our son is now set to begin study on a course that both he and we hope he will enjoy and excel in. Praise God indeed!

‘Great is Thy faithfulness, Morning by morning, new mercies I see.’ Photo courtesy of

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