Questions for my dogs

Most times when I am writing my blog, I will hear a contentedly snoring Maddi by my feet. Well, I have some questions for her and Zack. And, in retrospect, I also have some questions for Monty, our lovely Pyrenean Mountain Dog which continues to occupy first place in our hearts despite his departure from this life some years back.

My list of questions:

  1. A Pyrenean Mountain Dog

    This is Monty our beloved Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Just look at those wonderful soft eyes and beautiful face, with a personality to match. He was a giant of a dog, in size, personality and heart.

    Monty was an extremely loving dog. He came to us emaciated and badly in need of a makeover. But his smiles were the best ever. However, every time we left him to go to work and closed the door to our bedroom – which he knew he was barred from entering – he would make quick tracks for it as soon as we had said our goodbyes in the vestibule. By the time we were standing outside by the car, we would be able to see him standing on our bed, barking his head off. Why?

  2. And here is a question for both Monty and Maddi: why do you wee and poo on the floor even when you do not need to go should you not get your own way? Are you trying to thumb your cold wet noses at us? Hubby and I always knew when these two dogs were displeased, mostly because we could not let them go out with us at times. (Like many dogs, they enjoy their outings, even if it means sitting in the boot of the car!)
  3. As for Zack, our loveable clown of a dog, why do you insist on sailing over Maddi’s head as you leap past her to rush down the stairs? The last time you did so, we were most concerned that you had bumped your nose. Thankfully you did not suffer any damage.
  4. Another question for Zack: why do you quibble over one tiny piece of kibble whenever Maddi finds one of yours on the floor where you had left it even though you did not want to eat it? What a ruckus you set up telling her off!
  5. Now a question for both Maddi and Zack: why are you so choosy about your food? I had always imagined that dogs from Rescue would not be fussy eaters; yet the two of you are.
  6. Finally, a question for all three of our four-legged adoptees: why do you have such selective hearing?

Oh, I have more questions for my dogs, but they are about a mile long. Each dog is individual in character and I am still learning to understand the breed despite having opened up our home to three of them already. Before these dogs, I had been the proud keeper of three strays in Singapore. They too warrant a couple of questions.

  1. To Brownie and Patch: why did you chase cars and trucks all the time?
  2. To Nicky: why did you keep running away when you were well-fed and had a cushy home?

My very first dog was Zang, a young Alsation abandoned by its owners to roam the streets. He had very obviously been a well-kept dog as his hair gleamed and he was not emaciated. He followed me home one day as I returned from the local shops, and after several attempts at locating his owner, Dad and I adopted him, much to Mum’s chagrin.

The first step after we had given up advertising for his owner, was to take him to the vet. Dad took him to be checked out and returned with a suspicion of tears in his eyes. We now knew why a nice looking dog like Zang had been left to roam the streets. He had cancer of the brain and his owners were too callous to continue caring for him or to put him down humanely.

During the short week Zang lived with us, he had actually inveigled himself into Mum’s affections – a feat indeed as she does not like dogs on the whole. When Dad returned without Zang, we were all so sad. Poor Zang had to be put to sleep because he was already suffering much discomfort from the disease. Yet, he was such an affectionate and well-behaved dog, and we truly missed him.

That was when I first set out to acquire my three strays, Brownie, Patch, and than Nicky. My question on behalf of Zang is entirely different in character: why, oh why, did you have to leave us so soon?

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