My boys

I never dreamed when I got married that my life would be surrounded by boys. For at least 14 years, I was the only female in the family and hopelessly outnumbered by the male species: three human boys and one doggy boy. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love my boys. However, there are some curious oddities which seem to affect the male species alone in my family.

Here is a short list of some of that oddball behaviour which I have observed.

  1. Why do my schoolboys leave everything on the floor? Clothes, shoes, toys, homework, etc. You can’t walk across the bedroom floors for the carpet of personal effects littering them.
  2. Why do mugs, used plates, glasses, newspapers, magazines, etc pile up around a favourite chair? They sit in eloquent testament to the popularity of said chair with big boy Daddy.
  3. Our second son hated spiders and was petrified of them. Our older son was unconcerned by them and would examine them if given the opportunity. Daddy boy, being Scottish, thinks that spiders are important to the ecology and will lovingly save them from extinction by my vacuum cleaner.
  4. Daddy boy enjoys looking at cars – all types of cars. He worries me because his keen interest makes me wary of the fact that he might one day say that he would like to exchange our trusty old vehicle for a new (to him) prototype. Why are boys so caught up with vehicles? Does engine oil run in their veins?
  5. Older son is similarly afflicted but in a slightly different way. A Land Rover Series vehicle will make his heart flutter more than a newer vehicle with all mod cons. Oh, if he could only get under that hood or chassis and poke around to his heart’s content, it would be the bees knees!
  6. Finally, why do my boys not mind dirt, and in fact revel in it? They thoroughly enjoyed Rookin Farm, near Penrith and about 45 minutes’ drive from Blenheim Lodge when we went there. Quad-bikes, Argo Cats, muddy terrains – what’s there not to love?

My boys love this sort of thing! ‘You can experience the thrill of driving through mud and water, tackling gradients and generally driving in conditions you wouldn’t normally dream of.’ (Description and image courtesy of

Well, I don’t know where that saying comes from: ‘Boys will be boys.’ It sounds to me like a female lament where the lady in question cannot quite understand why boys behave a certain way or have a specific mindset. Since I have three boys, I am still learning. Oh yes! And don’t forget that I also have a four-legged boy to make sense out of too.

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