Have hair will travel

The saying above was coined one year after we left Monty, our first Pyrenean Mountain Dog, in kennels and travelled overseas for a holiday. It was our first time away from Monty for an extended period – approximately two weeks – and we missed him very much. Reading Clowie’s blog this evening reminded me of the saying, hence the title of this post. (http://clowiescorner.wordpress.com)

Hubby, the boys, my sister, Mum and I went on holiday to Sweden one December in search of the Northern Lights. We stayed 4 days in Jukkasjärvi in the far north of Sweden just inside the Arctic circle, including one night in the famous Ice Hotel. The latter is an experience that everyone should try for its novelty value alone, if nothing else.

The next day, we moved into a nicely heated wooden cabin in the grounds of the Ice Hotel. In fact, the cabin was hot enough for us to walk around in shorts and T-shirts whilst outside the ground was covered in deep snow and ice. I have to say that I was most impressed by the insulation technology that the Swedes use and wish we can replicate it here in Britain.

It was as I finally unpacked our luggage in the cabin that I first discovered a long white hair. This was soon followed by more lone strands of white hair of differing lengths. The white hairs looked very familiar. Monty had come to Sweden with us! Speaking to Sis later on when we met up for dinner, I found out that she too had been sent off on her holiday with Monty’s blessings. White hairs could be be found amongst her clothes even though she does not live with us and her suitcase never came near Monty!

Monty, our first Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Thus we coined the phrase, ‘Have hair will travel’. Monty’s determination to make sure that we remember him while we are away seems to be catching. Both Maddi and Zack contribute samples of their hair to accompany us on our travels, the furthest away of which were New Zealand and Canada on two separate occasions. Sometimes I wish they were not so generous!

But the oddest thing of all I have found where Monty’s hair is concerned, is the strand that has appeared under the screen of my old mobile phone. The screen was already fixed in place by the factory when I got it, and it has never been tampered with. Yet, Monty’s hair remains firmly under the screen and there is no possible means by which I can remove it. Still, I am not too bothered by it, and am in fact quite happy to leave the hair in my mobile phone now as a reminder of our gorgeous pet, which we still sorely miss.

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