Making her bed

Hubby has a new hobby. It is called encouraging Maddi to make her bed. Maddi is our Pyrenean Mountain Dog and she, even more so than Zack, our other Pyrenean Mountain Dog, seems to find it imperative that she makes her own bed.

This is how it begins. We put down a duvet on the floor for Maddi to lie on. The duvet is a regular size single duvet and is more than large enough to provide a soft cushion for Maddi to sleep on without any part of her extending onto the floor boards unless she so wishes. Hubby and I always take the trouble to lay out the duvet properly so that it is flat on the floor. Then comes Maddi.

First, Maddi will walk like Queen Elizabeth I over the duvet, as if she were walking on Sir Francis Drake’s cloak. Then she will look quizzically at the duvet, with her head down and at least 2 paws on it. Next will come the shuffling, where she backs up and, using her forepaws, will start to rearrange the duvet to her liking. Inevitably, after a few minutes of such concerted attention on Maddi’s part, the duvet will have been pushed into one big heap.

Now, Maddi will attempt to lie on it. Of course, it is no longer comfortable to lie on because it has become all lumpy. Not to be deterred, our bedmaker will then lie next to the duvet instead with at least one paw touching it as if she were guarding her possession.

Some while later, Hubby and I will see Maddi lying on Zack’s duvet instead. This time, she would have left his duvet still nicely laid out and will be lying on top of it as if she owns it. Zack, meanwhile, would have retreated to a corner of the hall and lain down on the floor boards sans duvet. What a gentleman!

Maddi is on the left of this photo. ‘I am the queen,’ she says; and doesn’t she look puffed up?

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