My senior moment

In a fit of goodwill, I arose at 7 this morning to cook some sausages for my older son so that he would be able to enjoy a hot breakfast before catching the train to university. I took out all the food that I had to cook for breakfast for our guests as well, but refrained from grilling the meats and baking the tomatoes and hash browns until later on since I wanted them to taste freshly cooked when the dining room opened at 8:30 am. Our son finished his breakfast and left in good time, leaving me 15 minutes to wait out before turning on the gas to start grilling the breakfast meats. As I still had time, I decided put the tray of tomatoes and hash browns in the oven in readiness for turning the latter on 15 minutes later.

When 8 am arrived, I began grilling the sausages and bacon for breakfast. I tidied the kitchen of the dishes that our son had used and put on the hot water geyser in readiness for breakfast service. At 8:30 am, our guests started to arrive in the dining room. As we take breakfast orders from guests the day before, I was able to begin cooking their breakfasts to order as soon as they sat down in the dining room.

The first order to fulfil was for scrambled eggs on toast and a full cooked breakfast with fried eggs. As I went about the process of cooking and setting the food on the plates, I turned to one of our ovens as I usually do to retrieve the tray of tomatoes and hash browns which should have been baked by now. But . . . horror of horrors! I had forgotten to turn on the gas in the oven. All was uncooked and could not be presented for breakfast.

It is the first time that I had ever done something like this. I think I must have been thrown off my stride because of the unusual timings today. Normally, I would take the tray of tomatoes and hash browns, stick it into the oven and turn the knob to high. Then I would leave them to bake until I needed them for breakfast. Today, having put the tray into the oven early, I did not turn it on, and had totally forgotten all about it until I needed the goods to serve to our guests.

Thankfully the grill was still warm. It was too late now to bake the tomatoes and hash browns, but I could grill them on a high heat instead. It took some minutes, but eventually all was ready and I was able to start serving all our guests. We have commercial ovens, hobs and grill, so no one had to wait overlong. I am so grateful for that!

Two of the choices we offer for breakfast. There is an inglenook in our dining room, which I think is rather special.

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