A sigh of relief!

Two nights ago I noticed that Zack, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog, had some white ‘stuff’ next to his eye. I wondered if this was just a little bit of the discharge that becomes black and waxy and remains just outside his eye until we rub it away. Then, last night, Hubby mentioned it as well, so I knew that it had to be an infection.

This morning, Hubby made an appointment to take Zack to the vet later in the day. Before that, Hubby teased me mercilessly because some weeks ago I had dreamed that his eyes had popped out of his head. We had just cancelled our pet insurance and I must have been subconsciously worrying about the dogs’ health. Normally I do not recall my dreams, but it was nightmarish enough for me to remember it the next day. And thus I shared it with Hubby.

Our vet took a look at Zack and diagnosed conjunctivitis and another infection that Hubby could not remember. I was not able to go with him to the vet as I was at that time stuck in the house doing the accounts. In any case, we were expecting guests to arrive so someone had to be home. Of course I was worried about Zack’s eyes. One had become swollen and the other had pus in a corner of it. The whites in the swollen eye had also turned red.

Hubby returned from Keswick, where the veterinary clinic is, around 4:45 pm. He told me the vet was not unduly worried; but poor Zack, which had just finished a 10-day course of medicine for an urinary infection, now has to have drops put in his eyes three times a day. Nonetheless, it was with much relief when I heard that Zack’s eyes would get better. The poor dog had also started to try and paw his eyes, but since our vet put the medicine in them this afternoon, I have not seen him doing it.

Our smiling Zack. He is a wonderful shepherd and loves his flock (us!) unreservedly.

I hope that Zack will get better quickly and am glad that he is already feeling more comfortable after his first treatment with the eyedrops. Having a pet or more is like having children: one worries about their welfare and wants only the best for them. Thus it was with a heartfelt sigh of relief that Zack’s eyes weren’t going to pop out as they did in my dream. His beautiful soft brown eyes will still be there to reflect all the love that he feels for his family whenever he gazes soulfully at us.

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