Almost down the rabbit hole!

Anyone even vaguely familiar with Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice in Wonderland, will have heard of the phrase ‘down the rabbit hole’. Well, I cannot quite claim to have gone down one, but what I did today certainly came alarmingly close, nor was it very pleasant either. Certainly it was an adventure I never want to repeat!

Today began normally enough. Having cooked and served breakfast, tidied up the dining room and washed the dishes, I prepared to clean the guest bedrooms. Hubby and I always clean and tidy the rooms unless our guests have indicated that we should not do so. It is part of our 4-star rating that we are obliged to refresh the rooms daily for guests who are staying over.

As I said, today started out as normal, and I thought I would begin by tidying The Blue Room first. Having made the bed, replenished the hospitality tray and replaced the used cups for clean ones, I neatened the bedroom and then moved on to its shower en-suite. There were things on the floor and towels hung haphazardly on the towel rail. I removed the wet and dirty towels, replaced them with fresh ones, and then began to clean down the shower and sink.

The next job was to pick up the things on the floor and put them on the shelves fixed above the toilet and cistern. Three tiers of shelves reach high to the ceiling of the en-suite and in order to access the topmost shelf, Miss Shorty Me has to stand on the covered toilet seat. My idea was to place the bags on the floor on the shelves, and I proceeded to stand on the toilet so as to reach the shelves.

Alas! I mustn’t have been thinking at all. The first I knew of my mishap was when I could not find purchase with my left foot – it seemed to keep falling. Balancing on my right foot, which was still on the floor, I yanked my left foot out of the toilet hole – YUK! I hadn’t even cleaned the toilet yet and here I was with a shoe wet from the water in the loo.

‘Oh, oh oh!’ I hopped about, not knowing what to do with my ‘contaminated’ shoe and eventually decided that I had to take it off and clean it. With 11 bedrooms to clean today, it was simply extra work I didn’t need. Rummaging through my box where I keep shoe care products, I finally found a spray for protecting the shoe, but could not find a cleaner. In desperation, I decided to wipe down my shoe with a damp paper towel, dried it, then sprayed it with the shoe protector.

Returning to the bedroom, I finished tidying up the shower room, this time REMEMBERING to put down the toilet seat cover first. It was a painful process falling first in, then out of the toilet this morning because I had jerked my foot out of the toilet hole so quickly – well, as soon as I realised what an idiot I had been – that I hit my leg, torso and arms against the fixtures close by. As the shower en-suite in The Blue Room is small and narrow, that is everything: the sink, the sink stand, the walls, and of course the toilet bowl itself!

I now have the bruises and sore spots to remind me of my misadventure over the next week or more. No doubt I will have the joy of experiencing and contemplating the darker spectrum of rainbow hues on my legs and arms when the bruises begin to heal. Still, I can’t help but laugh at myself!

Zzzzzz. . . . A picture of the solid brass double bed with bespoke pocket sprung mattress in The Blue Room, from which there are lovely views of Lake Windermere and the mountains. (The Blue Room is now also known as the room with the en-suite where I almost fell down the rabbit hole!) 

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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