Rub a dub dub

I think Maddi is going through another phase of waterworks overload! For a month or two now, she had been fairly good and not making a mess in our flat. Then, last weekend, we put her and Zack in kennels for a couple of nights whilst visiting my in-laws. Now, one week later, it is back to wet floors and bedding.

On my return from the hair salon yesterday, I rang the doorbell to be let in. On the third ring, Hubby opened the door and greeted me with, ‘It’s your fault Maddi’s weed on the floor.’ ‘How?’ I asked. ‘She peed when you rang the doorbell!’

True enough, when I came downstairs, Maddi had deposited a huge puddle by the couch. We had exchanged our carpeted floor for a flagstones precisely because of dogs and the accidents that can happen, but I am convinced that Maddi does not normally ‘do’ accidents – she does ‘on purpose’ deposits. The only time she has accidents is when she has an urinary tract infection or a bowel-affecting condition – and these she does not currently suffer from.

Zack, my dear boy, had been awaiting a walk with Maddi, so Hubby took them out 5 minutes later. Meanwhile, I began the tedious job of cleaning up. Maddi had done so thorough a job this time that I had to throw out the two old towels I used plus numerous newspapers before that to soak up the rapidly spreading puddle and then to clean the floor.

I feel like the 21st century version of this pencil on paper drawing by Daniel Maclise entitled ‘Woman Scrubbing the Floor’. Image courtesy of

Then, in the early hours of this morning, I heard the dreaded ‘click click’ of Maddi’s nails on the laminate floor that we put down, again because of dogs and what potential damage they can cause. It used to be carpeted, but no more. At 8 am, I came out and found Maddi’s smelly wet bedding. ‘Many thanks, but no thanks,’ I thought.

I have just finished washing Maddi’s bedding as I type. She is lying next to me, and smells rather badly. I think she must have got some wee on herself. I don’t know whether she is growing a little senile or not, although I suspect my vet thinks so. He told me that it is when she starts to disregard the usual fastidiousness that dogs have for keeping their bedding clean that we should start to worry about her mental condition. Maddi has been dirtying her bed now for the last 9-10 months. In fact, just two days before, I had to clean her bedding of job no.1!

I found this photo on and could not resist it. Now, if only I could get Maddi to go in a tub and enjoy it too! Rub a dub dub!

It’s ‘rub a dub dub’ but all the scrubbing in the tub is not going to bring Maddi back to a pristine and shining condition. Her doggy aroma seems to get stronger as she grows older. Indeed, her age is starting to tell on her, and I only hope the pain will be minimal when the unthinkable happens.

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