I think today must be one of the coldest days this autumn. I woke up at 7:10 this morning to hear Hubby saying that there was fog outside. Then, 20 minutes later, he announced that there was frost too.

Just to be contrary, the electricity also went off this morning around 9 am. It was an excuse to stay in bed and read to my heart’s content. The power cut lasted for approximately 2.5 hours before electricity was restored. Thankfully, we have a fire in the lounge, and Hubby put it on so we could keep warm. The dogs, with their heavy fur coats, probably felt no change in the temperature!

Bright winter sunshine glistens on the frost that rimes these bare branches at Ullswater.

Bright winter sunshine glistens on the frost that rimes these bare branches at Ullswater. (Photo courtesy of

Dry frosty days are a common feature in Bowness-on-Windermere, and I think today’s frost will be the beginning of much more to come. There is a surreal beauty that comes with the frost, which can create a kind of mystical wonderland: when frost is shot through with sunshine, everything sparkles and looks like a carefree fairyland; when accompanied by fog, one can almost imagine the much more mysterious – and perhaps more ominous – aspects of the netherworld.

The scenery of the Lake District is truly lovely to behold when frost limes its hamlets, villages, towns and countryside. But do take care! The Highways Department does not always get around all the smaller roads, streets and lanes to grit them before the freeze arrives.

We have driven around the Lakes many times with frost on the ground. Drive slowly and you will probably see a lot more of its beautiful scenery than visitors might do in the summer because they would be zooming past instead! This is rather a paradox, don’t you think? People like to travel in the warmer months because it makes for easier travelling to many more places. However, at the same time, visitors might well hie past spectacular landscapes because they are too busy getting from one place to another, rather than savouring the splendiferous natural beauty that surrounds them.

The English Lake District is open to visitors year round, and Blenheim Lodge is open for bed and breakfast accommodation to guests too. Autumn and winter are lovely seasons to visit the Lakes. If you wish to get around the Lake District National Park but do not wish to drive, we can arrange tours to pick you up and drop you back here at the guest house, thereby freeing you to enjoy our beautiful scenery without having to concentrate on driving along unfamiliar – and perhaps frosty – roads.

Grasmere in the winter, a Lakeland symphony of frost, mist, and water. (Photo by Dave Willis, courtesy of

Grasmere in the winter – a Lakeland symphony of frost, mist, and water. (Photo by Dave Willis, courtesy of

New Year will soon be upon us, and if you fancy celebrating New Year by Lake Windermere, do contact us for a place to stay. We are offering bed and breakfast at Blenheim Lodge as usual. Bowness-on-Windermere is of course open for business too at this time, with local restaurants, shops, pubs, and other amenities offering their services and wares. Local attractions, such as the cruises on Lake Windermere, will also be open.

Use our guest house as your base and take days out to explore the splendid landscapes around you. Most Lakeland attractions will be open too, and you will also find plenty of nice eateries to nip in for hot drinks and meals. However, if you feel like having a day in, our lounge at Blenheim Lodge is always available for use as a cosy snug: retreat into your own world with a book seated in front of our picture bay windows; or settle for a tete a tete in our snuggly sofa and armchairs. Above all, relax! This is what a break is all about!

I couldn't resist sharing this photo! Tony Richards, the photographer, has dubbed it 'speed on the ice-bound jetty' of Monk Coniston. Well, there are many ways of enjoying a holiday! (Photo courtesy of

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo, which was taken today. Tony Richards, the photographer, has dubbed it ‘speed on the ice-bound jetty’ of Monk Coniston. Well, there are indeed many ways of enjoying a holiday! (Photo courtesy of

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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