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I have been ensconced in a comfy chair for the past week listening to (mostly) heavenly music. Right now I am listening to Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major, Adagio movement, and I think of how much I continue to miss the musical teaching I enjoyed at Guelph University, where I studied both music and English literature. Indeed, since leaving Guelph, I have hardly touched the piano, due in part to lack of access, and in part to want of time.

lake windermere view from blenheim lodge, bowness on windermere

I sat in a comfy chair and looked out onto this view whilst searching for music to use with our upcoming Blenheim Lodge YouTube videos.

When I finally moved to Edinburgh, the kindly pastor at a church I attended saw how much I missed having a piano and gave me his! I remember the excitement of having a piano at hand to play whenever I wanted to, and it was duly installed in our home. However, since moving from Howgate, Midlothian, that poor piano is now stuck in a storeroom at Blenheim Lodge. In fact, it is so wedged in by stuff that I cannot even lift up its lid.

So, top of my Wish List when I am finally able to devote some time to me will be to engage a piano teacher to teach me how to play the piano again. It is a wonder how 20 years of not playing the piano seriously can cripple a person’s ability to play to her (read my) satisfaction. It might be some years before I am able to implement my Wish List; but God willing, I will have the opportunity to do so.

My Wish List (Activities Only):

  1. Find a fantastic piano teacher to help me play properly again
  2. Ditto for a violin teacher, as I used to enjoy playing the violin too
  3. Double ditto for a singing teacher – I wish my parents had been able to afford singing lessons for me, but they were already paying for all the extracurricular activities us kids were given the opportunity to learn and enjoy
  4. Take up ballet or tap dancing – I took ballet as a kid and loved it and I have always been interested in learning tap
  5. Slow travel – on a canal boat or trundling the countryside in a camper van (which we currently do not have) or a car
  6. Travel – this time to places which intrigue Hubby and me
  7. Read – lots and lots and lots!

So, there you have it: seven potential Wish List activities. Chance would be if I could manage one or two, much less seven! Still, one can dream, eh?

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