Well, I have had my appointment at the maxillofacial department of the Royal Lancaster Hospital, and I am feeling a little sorry for myself. I wrote earlier about an upcoming dental appointment at the hospital to which I was certainly not looking forward to. My instinct was right. My right cheek feels rather painful now.

The dentist had sent me to the consultant because she wanted something on the soft tissue in my mouth checked out. The discomfort that I am experiencing now is due to the fact that the consultant has taken a biopsy of the offending area. Ouch!

In the hospital’s dental clinic, I was told to relax and listen to some music that she would put on. It was actually the radio, and I found it very difficult to relax with the chatter on it. Taking a deep breath, I asked her to give me a little time to calm myself down before she injected the anaesthetic as I am terrified of needles. I asked her to be gentle, closed my eyes . . . and then it was done!

Next, I had the biopsy to look forward to. I sat in the dentist’s chair, shut my eyes and tried not to concentrate on the consultant’s movements and those of her assistant. This was not easy as I could feel the thread on my lips as the consultant put in some stitches into the area she had cut. I do not know how many stitches I had, but there must be three or more because I felt a fresh length of thread each time she had finished cutting the last one, and this happened at least three times.

The consultant has advised that it will take two weeks for my mouth to heal, and meanwhile I will simply have to take over the counter painkillers to dull the ache. Whilst sitting in the dentist’s chair, I began to sing a Christian song in my head in order to take my mind off the proceedings. Now, as I await the pain to subside and the results of the biopsy, I can only pray.

It will take three weeks for me to receive the results of the biopsy. The consultant was very reassuring and I hope that all pans out well. She has asked to see me three weeks hence but of course that will depend on the availability of appointments.

I am a fraidy cat when it comes to all things gore related, by which I mean anything that makes me feel squeamish in relation to injuries, illnesses, and proceedings that involve opening up the human or animal body. I cannot abide the sight of blood, and even a cut finger on my husband will cause a shiver to run down my back. I am really quite hopeless in this area.

Still, I am going to have to bear patiently with what is going on at present in my mouth. It is a small thing when compared to what other people suffer. When I think of my Mum and what she is going through as an Alzheimer’s patient, and of my Dad, who died of cancer, then, everything falls into perspective. We human beings are such fragile creatures in more ways than one, and our health is just one aspect of which we cannot take for granted.


Gentle shot of child praying while her dog keeps her company. Like her, I can but pray. (Photo courtesy of www.vintageprintable.com.)

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