Dog play

Have you ever tried to work while a large dog jumps about like a demented being possessed? That was Zack just a few moments ago. I was sitting at my desk, trying to concentrate on polishing some text for a YouTube video, when Zack began bouncing about like Tigger on all fours. Tigger is of course the fictional – and very exuberant – tiger of A. A. Milne’s book, The House at Pooh Corner.

tigger, winnie the pooh

Tigger, of Winnie the Pooh fame, bounces along without a care in the world. (Image courtesy of

Don’t get me wrong: I love Tigger and his antics. In fact, I think I enjoyed reading about him and the other Pooh characters to my kids when they were growing up as much as they delighted in the stories. But having a Tigger-type Pyrenean Mountain Dog of giant size skipping like a lamb next to me is distracting to say the least.

Zack, for all that he craves human company more than, I think, doggy companionship, now decided that he needed a compatriot to play with. Since Hubby was watching TV and I was working, he turned naturally to Maddi. Old Maddi suffers from arthritis, and I did not think she would indulge him. However, Zack must have been very persuasive with his wagging tail and ‘come hither’ stance because she got up to play.

For the next 10 minutes, I was treated to the sounds of prancing and dancing on the laminate floor, with both dogs voicing their approbation for this game. Soon after, they drew apart, panting hard and looking pleased with themselves.

Now, Zack is not a dog that knows when to stop playing. Maddi, our oldie was suddenly feeling the discomforting effects of all this frolicking on her 9-year old legs. She was no longer amused. Barking a warning, she hied off to the lounge, in search of protection from her lord and master.

Zack duly followed, and jumped on Maddi, flattening her in the process as her legs gave way. Oh, what a cacophony followed! Maddi must have told Zack off in no uncertain terms because he was soon back in the hallway, where they were playing originally. Lying down, with his long legs sticking up in the air, Zack began a game of his own. I watched as he wriggled his body in ecstasy, panting all the while.

tigger and rabbit in winnie the pooh

A squashed Maddi. Imagine Tigger is Zack, and Rabbit is Maddi. You get the picture! (Image courtesy of

All is quiet now and I can get back to work without the impish Zack disturbing my peace. In fact, he has tired himself out so much, he is lying on the couch and taking his rest. Maddi, meanwhile, is in one of her favourite positions: lying on the floor and snoring away. Hubby, who had not moved a muscle even when Maddi ran to him, is still watching the TV as if nothing has happened, and enjoying ‘Top Gear’, the BBC motorcar show (

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