Masterchef – The Professionals

‘Masterchef – The Professionals’ has concluded. I had been following the series assiduously and enjoyed it immensely. My favourite moments of the show were possibly the invention tests, when the contestants were faced with preparing dishes they had never come across before. It was interesting from the point of view that some of the chefs showed much initiative and tenacity when attempting to deliver that perfect dish, whilst others seemed to wilt before Monica and Greg’s penetrating gazes. (

Oli, the youngest of the three finalists, truly astounded me with his ability at such a tender age. At 22 years old, his dishes, though not always perfect, showed such ability and flair. Wow! I wish I had half Oli’s skill.

I was really happy for Keri and Anton that both were announced Masterchefs 2012. What an achievement for them both! Frankly, it was the right thing to do as both chefs were excellent in their own inimitable ways.

Often, I wished I could try some of the dishes that Oli, Keri, Anton and the other chefs had made. I love chocolate, and have never tasted a chocolate fondant before. In fact, I have never seen this dessert on any menu of any restaurant I have ever been to. Perhaps I have been going to the wrong restaurants?

chocolate dessert masterchef

This was one dessert made by Oli Boon which I wish I could have tasted. Doesn’t it look yummy? (Photo courtesy of—oli-boon.)

I noticed on the internet that some people were carping about there not being many female contestants or winners of Masterchef over the years. However, I feel that anyone – male or female – should be judged on ability rather than on whether he or she is male or female. This so called positive discrimination is still discrimination, and I think the winners would rather be assured that they were being judged on their competence and excellence rather than on their physical form!

Literature and real life have in the past ennobled women as homemakers and cooks. However, did anyone notice that most of the Michelin chefs in the dining room for whom Oli, Keri and Anton cooked were men? Well, I for one do not care. All I am concerned about is that the food is good!

In Cumbria, we have a famous Michelin chef at L’enclume, Simon Rogan. L’enclume is in Cartmel, about 15 minutes’ drive from Blenheim Lodge. I have yet to dine there as we cannot afford the prices, but I have visited Cartmel a number of times. It is very pretty, and known for its Priory and the racecourse. I also like the unique little shops that abound in this traditional looking village.

sticky toffee pudding, cartmel, cumbria

Cartmel, home of the sticky toffee pudding, is 15 minutes’ drive from Blenheim Lodge. (Photo by Andrew Heptinstall, courtesy of

Well, I am sorry that Masterchef – The professionals has now concluded for 2012. I hope that they will have the Masterchef programme for amateur contestants on soon. That will give me another opportunity to marvel at the cooking skills of individuals who seem to possess the uncanny ability to put together a dish that not only tastes but looks good. I think that is a gift indeed!

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