Zack is our almost 6-foot long Pyrenean Mountain Dog. I am talking about his length from the tip of his nose to his rump, but not including an extended tail when he is standing on all fours. Despite his size, he is rather lightweight for his breed – because he won’t eat his food!

pyrenean mountain dog

Zack poses for the camera as he gets ready to go out. Zack is on the left.

The problem is that our choosey dog picks at his food, or leaves it altogether. We have tried him on three or four varieties of dog food but he will often go without breakfast in the hope that either Hubby or I will feel sorry for him and feed him human food at lunch time instead. Having said that, his pickiness even extends to human food: Zack does not always clean his bowl if he is given the same human food each day.

For a breed of dog that should weigh 140 lbs, Zack is about 30 lbs too light. However, he does look healthy and nicely muscled. Nonetheless, Hubby and I worry about him because Monty, our late Pyrenean Mountain Dog, had that healthy build and weight typical of this breed. So, we have tried Zack on cheese, eggs, etc. He will give them all a go, but we now know that he does not like fried eggs, and will sometimes turn his nose up at scrambled eggs and cottage cheese.

Zack follows me around and if he is lucky, he will get some tidbits from my luncheon. I had chilli in my noodles yesterday, and Zack could not have moved closer to me than he did. He sat waiting patiently for me to give him something, but I would not do so because of the chilli. Eventually, he changed his position from my left hand side to the right, and when that failed, he sat right in front of me instead.

This evening, our friend has been feeling rather hungry because he had neglected to eat his breakfast. Thus, when I held up a bowl of pasta and tomato pesto, Zack was there like a shot. He sat there sharing pasta with me until the food was all eaten up. Then he continued to look hungrily at me as if to say, ‘More?’

Hubby thinks that if Zack is hungry enough, he will eventually eat all his own food, instead of hoping for goodies later on in the day. I, on the hand, am softer, and feel guilty that our doggy is not eating. Well, neither method has worked. A year after taking him to the vet to be weighed because of our concern, Zack has shown no increase in girth and weighs a mere 5 lbs more!

We have now decided that Zack must be naturally slim, just like some people are naturally slim. He looks healthy and is healthy, although he is a little too skinny for my liking. However, he seems well in himself, and that, I think, is the most important factor!

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