Do Pyrenean Mountain Dogs smell?

I saw on my stats tonight the following search phrase, ‘Do Pyrenean Mountain Dogs smell?’, which prompted me to write this post. The short answer is ‘Yes!’ We currently have two Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, but previously only used to have one living with us, Monty. However, you only need one in the house to create a smell!

pyrenean mountain dog, blenheim lodge, lake district

Monty at the front door of Blenheim Lodge Guest House. He was there because two of our guests wanted to meet him, and they took this photograph. (Our dogs are not normally allowed into the guest house part of Blenheim Lodge, unless our guests ask to meet them.)

Here are some of the smelly traits of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. This is only our own experience of the breed, of course; and, for all I know, perhaps our dogs smell more than others! I have numbered only a few instances of smelly Pyrenean below.

  1. When travelling with Monty, Zack and Maddi, we have found that while they are lying quietly in the back of the car, there is not much of a smell. As soon as they rise in order to stretch their legs, the whiff that comes wafting from the rear to the front of the car never fails to prompt the winding down of windows to let out the smell. The unfortunate thing is that more times than not, when the windows are wound down, the smell seems to get worse!
  2. Pyreneans are HAIRY. They have woolly trousers on their legs which sometimes catch dribbles of urine or faeces when they do their toilet. Worse still: sometimes ‘Number 2’ gets stuck and cannot get out. Result? A whiffy dog which causes one to gag as one tries to clean them up.
  3. Doggy breath is a way of life for Pyreneans. Monty had good teeth, as do Zack and Maddi. However, we cannot seem to get away from bad doggy breath, because they will come and pant in our faces, mouths open and eyes bright, as if to say, ‘Love me; love my breath!’ (This trait only applied to Monty, and now Zack. Maddi is too ladylike to pant in our faces like that!)
  4. Some the smelliness of dogs comes from the ‘accidents’ they have in the house. All ours have had accidents; and not only is the cleaning up most unpalatable, but the smell seems to seep into the very walls and floors and takes ages to dissipate.

Despite all the above, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs can be very loveable and loving towards their owners and those they regard as friends. Thus, one has to accept them smell and all, if one is to keep them as pets and companions. A kennel owner gave us a tip for keeping our dogs smelling nice: use baby powder when combing the dogs and they will smell as fresh as a just-bathed baby. The application of baby powder is really quite effective, and one can enjoy days and days of lovely smelling Pyreneans until it is time to apply the talc again.

thirlmere, lake district

Maddi and Zack at Thirlmere, Lake District.

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