Hello Wifi!

Well, this may seem odd to most people, but this afternoon saw our broadband migrate to Wifi capability so that our guests can now have use of it when they arrive to stay. Up until 2 pm today, we did not have Wifi to offer our guests. Now, we can do so, and I think that it will be a welcome facility.

lake windermere view from blenheim lodge, bowness on windermere, lake district

The wonderful blue waters of Lake Windermere and its surrounding mountains as seen from most of our bedrooms at Blenheim Lodge. Come and enjoy this view with us! And share it with your friends and family through Wifi at our place.

About a month ago, I signed us up to O2, taking all our telecommunication connections from a variety of of companies to just the one. Hubby and I had been wanting to do this for a long time, but, after speaking with a few different companies, we had been put off by the fact that we would still have to pay the same amount and receive the same service or even a poorer one. We had explored O2 at that time too. Unfortunately, naive as we were, we had only looked at the consumer side of O2 and not the business end.

Then, in February this year, I had had enough. We were paying through the nose for broadband to one company, phone line rental to another company, telephone calls to yet another company and mobile telephone service to O2. It was quite by chance that I decided I would try O2 again. I asked to speak to customer services and was advised properly this time that the consumer deals would be of no use to us. Instead, we should consider the business package. Lo and behold . . . the business package meant shifting everything to O2 – a scary proposition if things go pear-shaped – but it also meant that we can now offer Wifi and our bills would be cut by almost a third!

Before signing up to O2, I had checked a number of other Wifi providers. I looked at their prices, their offerings and considered advice given to me. O2 did actually come up smelling of roses, but it did have a semi decent rating in terms of service and what the company actually offers. Besides, I have been an O2 customer since the year dot, so I felt a little more comfortable going with them than with some other company. Let’s hope Hubby and I will not be disappointed.

The changeover to the O2 Wifi went smoothly today except for one hitch – I never did receive the text or email to say that the changeover had been completed. As for the changeover of my mobile phone from O2 consumer to O2 business, I was similarly left in the dark: I had not even realised that we had swopped sides so to speak, and only found out quite by chance. Hmmm . . . not very good communication thus far.

I phoned the O2 support line this evening and have been told to expect a possible drop in my line when our landlines migrate from BT to O2. Now, there’s a tale to tell. Having been a BT customer for more than 25 years, I rang BT to ask whether they could offer us a better price than the ever increasing tariff the company was charging us. I was told that this was not possible, not just by one but by three sales representatives. (I had asked BT to re-consider their rates only because my sister had done the same and came up trumps.)

Well, to cut a long story short, after Hubby and I had decided to go with O2, BT rang up to say that they would cut £14 per month off the cost of our line rental. Eh? I thought they said that they could not do this? It was just too late now. Although Hubby and I had yet to sign on the dotted line with O2, we had had enough of BT; and so we were prepared to pay the £3 or so extra per month to O2 instead.

Our 2-year contract with O2 seems to have got off on a fairly good start and I hope it continues. Hubby and I tend to be very loyal to the companies we are already signed up to, so let’s hope that all’s well that ends well. Meanwhile, we are chuffed to bits that we now have another facility to offer our 21st century guests – Wifi.

blenheim lodge lake district lake view

Enjoy a quiet retreat at Blenheim Lodge. Here is a photo of Lake Windermere with yachts bobbing in the distance snapped from our rooms at Blenheim Lodge. Perhaps you can send photos of views such as this from our guest house to your friends and family whilst staying with us?

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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