My alarm clock

Zack, our 5-year old Pyrenean Mountain Dog, has suddenly decided to take up the mantel of personal alarm clock to Hubby and me. When Zack first came to us as an 8-month old, he sometimes slept in our bedroom. Often, we would find him sprawled in the centre of our bed, with a precious 2 inches each for Hubby and me as we clung precariously to our two sides of the bed. Finally, I prevailed upon Hubby to make Zack sleep outside our bedroom as we were both losing much rest.

pyrenean mountain dog

Here is Zack, our baby at 9 months of age, so still small in size.

Then, about 2 or 3 months ago, Hubby opened the door and Zack slipped into the bedroom as if he owned it. He lay quietly on the bedroom floor and, just as quietly, went to sleep. Oh, we heard him shuffle about at times, but he never did jump up on the bed again. Well . . . until a couple of days ago.

I think Zack wakes up when the sky begins to lighten. The brighter it gets, the livelier he becomes first thing in the morning. Zack used to sleep until 7:30 am before getting up. As this coincided with Hubby’s alarm clock setting, it was no problem at all for us to let him out of our room as soon as he awoke. However, it is now bright before 7 am, and Zack is up with the birds. Once he is up and pacing to be let out of our bedroom, there is no rest for either of us.

Then, 2 days ago, that monkey leapt onto our bed in a bid to get me up. He had already been pacing about for the last 5 minutes and would not lie down despite numerous commands and entreaties to do so. Eventually, as I was finally beginning to doze off again, I found a large dog landing hard in the middle of our bed. Try sleeping with 2 long furry legs across your chest and another two on your legs. And try relaxing into sleep again with hot dog breath hissing out by the base of your neck and next to your face. It was nigh impossible!

At 5 years of age, Zack is of course larger than he was at 8 months; therefore he takes up more room. With his long legs splayed everywhere, or so it would seem, our wide-eyed well-rested rug of fluff was all raring to go. Is it walkies now? Where are we going walkabout?

An adoring Zack!

A larger Zack at 5 years of age.

Come the following night, I refused to let Zack back into our bedroom. That night, I slept peacefully until 8 am – bliss! Then, last night, I crept in late into bed as I had had a lot of administrative work to catch up on for our guest house. (It’s the dreaded VAT returns time.) Well, what did I find when I opened our bedroom door but Zack taking up rent space on our floor?

However, I think Hubby learnt his lesson well from the shenanigans of two mornings past. Just after dawn, when bright and bushy-tailed Zack rose again before 7 am and started to pace, Hubby got up and opened the door for the dog before slipping back into bed for another hour’s kip. And as our hallway has no natural light, Zack simply lay down again to sleep on the floor outside our bedroom door.

As for tonight, I wonder what will be awaiting me when I go to bed. Will Zack have taken up residence on our floor again or will he be sleeping outside our bedroom door? I know he wants company, and wants to be near us even during the night. Well, I suppose I don’t mind as long as I can have the bed Zack-free for a good night’s sleep.

pyrenean mountain dog lake district

Our beloved Zack, smiling as usual for his fans!

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