All home and safe

We had a number of guests who arrived yesterday to spend the weekend with us. Our earliest arrival pulled into our car park just as the snow was beginning to fall hard. Half an hour later, another car drove into view and this time it was a family who had been before. It was lovely to see the parents again, but it was the first time we had met their daughter. Then, three hours later, a couple in a car hove into view. They were staying with us over the weekend so that they could celebrate their first wedding anniversary and go yachting at the same time.

A view of yachts bobbing about Lake Windermere from our lounge windows

A picture perfect view taken from our lounge at Blenheim Lodge: yachts bobbing on the waters of Lake Windermere with Old Bowness village in the foreground and snow-capped mountains in the background.

Now we had most of our visitors checked in, including our guests from the previous night. About 5 pm, we received a phone call. One half of the couple was phoning to let us know that A66 they were travelling on had been closed. They were full of apologies and said they would not be with us until 9 pm at the earliest. Well, that did not matter. As long as we know our guests are safe, there is nothing to worry about. Our last arrivals rang the doorbell at 9:30 pm – so they were not far out in their estimate of their arrival time.

We had had a cancellation yesterday from one couple from The Wirral who said that their area was snowbound. By 7 pm yesterday, the snow had begun to melt, and the same couple rang at 8:45 pm to say that they would be arriving today after all. That was good news as we had failed to re-let their room today at such late notice.

claife heights, blenheim lodge, bowness on windermere, lake district

Claife Heights, one of our standard double rooms at Blenheim Lodge, is named after the Claife Heights mountains visible from this bedroom. The couple who cancelled rang to re-book their room because the snow had melted.

So, now everyone was home at ours and safe. Our older son had also arrived in the late evening and then hived off to his girlfriend’s for a few days. Around 8 pm, I received a phone call from him to report that he had arrived safely. There had been a large snowdrift down an incline, and that was the only time when the road was difficult to get through. He is staying at his girlfriend’s house with her father until early next week. Being an ‘old wifey’ as Hubby would say, I asked our son to ensure he had his books with him so that he could study for his upcoming exams in April.

I am quite the mothering hen, and find it difficult to be otherwise. As the eldest or three children, I was always the one who did all the organising when there was any organising to be done. I was also always the one who did all the worrying and stressing over why my sister, mother, brother or father was not home when they said they would be. It is a trait that has not gone away, and is not the best thing to possess when one has two young men for sons.

I think I am indeed quite the ‘old wifey’ in that I like to know that everyone who is meant to be home is safely in after a day’s excursion. Perhaps I am just a natural worrier. In fact, one of the partners of a company we work with told me, ‘You are one of life’s worriers.’ The odd thing is that as a Christian, I should surely be relying on the Lord and not worrying my mind into a muddle especially when I cannot influence the course of events anyway. Then, I pray to God and He gives me peace. The niggling discomforts at the back of my mind suddenly do not feature as prominently in the forefront of my thoughts. Instead, I can carry on in God’s peace.

Lately, my concern has been for Maddi, our old Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Poor Maddi is looking rather dishevelled and down these days. I think she must be suffering immense discomfort with her gamey legs and hips. However, her breathing seems to be easier now despite the arrhythmia. What worries me is that she seems to look so sad much of the time. I wonder whether she knows that there is something wrong with her health and realises that old age is catching up with her.

Our beautiful Maddi.

Our beautiful Maddi.

Well, I am going to gee up and say that one cannot worry one’s life away. I am simply glad God is in charge – or at least I have tried hard to give Him charge over my life – and that I can rely on His goodness to take care of me and mine. Hubby and I also care deeply that our guests are safe and happy while they are staying with us, and it was their welfare in the midst of the constant snowfall yesterday that prompted the title of this post.

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