Technology for the technophobe

In February this year, Hubby and I signed up for a new mobile phone, broadband and landline package with O2. There were two choices of business package offered to us: one involved retaining our old mobile phone which I was assured would not be best for internet usage; the other included a new mobile phone for which we would pay a one-off cost as well as a monthly tariff. We chose the latter as we had recently signed up with two more online booking agents and needed to be able to access our booking diaries with them on the internet so that we would not be in receipt of double bookings.

Having signed up to the new telephone package, I then clung desperately to the security blanket of my old Nokia, a simple mobile phone which did all the things I wanted from it: namely, to make and receive calls; to text and receive texts; and to use its calculator function. The new mobile phone, on the other hand, can practically sing and dance – not something I wanted nor looked forward to, but an object I knew I needed if we were to keep track of booking enquiries and confirmed bookings. Finally, after weeks of the new mobile phone sitting prettily in the box it came in, I took it out of its packaging under duress. (That’s right! I had not even opened the package since its arrival from the Post Office!) Our previous minister and his wife had come for a visit, and insisted that they should teach me how to use it. Needless to say, I did not quite take in everything they told me, and when they left, the mobile phone went back into the box!

Then, during Spring Bank Holiday, my sister decided on the spur of the moment to drive down from Edinburgh for a quick visit. She wanted a wheelchair Hubby and I had bought for our son when he was crippled by a truly nasty accident. This wheelchair would be used by our mother, who is finding her spatial awareness and ability to walk much diminished because of a debilitating illness. Unfortunately, Sis never made it to our home. Mum, who has Alzheimer’s, was accompanying her and had flooded herself, so Sis had no choice but to turn round. Hubby and I said we would drive the wheelchair up to Mum instead, and are planning to go north when we find an opportunity.

This plan to drive north was the impetus I needed in order to get myself familiarised with our new and fancy gadget. If we were to be gone for a day, then I needed a means of keeping in touch with any internet enquiries and bookings that might come our way. Thus, out came our mobile phone from its svelte little box, and accompanied me to Kendal where I had made an appointment with a staff member at the shop to teach me how to use it. That was when I found out that the internet had not been activated on it even though I had been paying for the service for the past 2.5 months.

kendal, cumbria

Kendal, where I was today. You can see Westmorland on the blue awning to the left. This is the Westmorland centre, where I went for help with my mobile phone and bought a cover for it.

Since my switchover to the new mobile phone, I have been trawling the net for a case for it. I finally ended up buying one in a shop in Kendal at twice the price I could have paid for it online! Ah well, such is life!

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