When it’s all worth it!

The past weekend has been frantically busy because of the Great North Swim in Lake Windermere. At Blenheim Lodge, Hubby and I were getting up at odd hours to serve breakfasts to our guests, including one 6:30 am stint. Needless to say, we both felt incredibly tired from want of rest, so much so that Hubby was to be found slumped over in his chair ‘watching’ TV with his eyes shut. I, on the other hand, could do nothing to ease my aching feet.

One of the guests we had to stay with us recently was a quiet young man. He had booked a single room, from which he could see perhaps 6 or 7 miles of Lake Windermere to the fells beyond. Unassuming, polite and respectful, our lovely guest was a joy to host during his 4-night stay with us. He kept his room tidy, so that when we went in to service the room each day, we were not faced with belongings thrown haphazardly across the furniture or littered on the floor. His tidiness extended to cleanliness too, which meant that we were not faced with stained towels or bathmats, nor tea or coffee or other spots and stains marking the carpet, rug, bedding or antique furniture in the room. We do truly appreciate it when guests are careful about our belongings when they stay with us.

Bright skies over Lake Windermere within minutes of grey clouds and tiny rain droplets making a half-hearted attempt at delivering rainy or stormy weather. The wind is now non-existent, although some fluffy white clouds abound.

The view from The Eyrie, the single room that our guest stayed in last weekend.

It was Monday when Addam left us, and we were sorry to see him go. Unfortunately, work beckoned the following day so he had no choice but to make tracks. Both Hubby and I told him how much we enjoyed having him to stay with us and invited him to come again soon. Addam thanked us for our hospitality and told us that he had felt at home in our guest house and would return to stay. Thanking Addam for taking such good care of his room, I told him he could ‘come anytime’!

Later that morning, as I cleaned and serviced the bedrooms, I heard a clatter of feet and found Hubby next to me. In his hand was a pretty gift wrapped box with a card attached. Hubby had just been making up Addam’s room after his departure. He told me that Addam had tucked the box under the covers in his room, and showed it to me. Our names were written on the envelop. On opening the envelop, we found a sweet little card in which Addam had written to thank us again for our hospitality and a wonderful stay. The box itself held lovely goodies as a token of his appreciation.

Suddenly, Hubby and I did not feel so tired anymore. Here was someone who actually appreciated the efforts we go to to ensure that our guests have a lovely time in our home. It made everything worthwhile – the aching feet, the sleepiness, the perpetual tiredness. Addam’s ‘thank you’ note and gift might have been small, but it was thoughtful. His thoughtfulness lifted up our flagging exhausted spirits and energised us. Now, therein lies the gift indeed!

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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