My hubby, my hero

I have been laid flat on my back, quite literally, over the past few days. It all happened one Monday morning when I woke up to our doorbell ringing. A foreign guest wanted to know how to use his shower as he had never used an electric shower before. So, up I tried to get, weaving about from side to side as the room swam around me.

Thinking that it was only a momentary thing, I thought that this wave of vertigo would quickly pass. Alas! It was not to be. I managed to meet the guest at the door, staggered upstairs to his room to show him what to do, and then he had to escort me back downstairs. He was so sweet, ‘I’ll walk in front of you down the stairs so that you have a soft landing in case you fall!’

Having regained my bed, Hubby then came into the room after he had walked the dogs and I told him that I was feeling nauseous and dizzy. We had breakfasts to make for a number of guests, but he would have to cope on his lonesome. Frankly, I was wondering how he would manage because he would have to cook and serve the guests. Then, later, he would have to make up the rooms as well.

Well, Hubby surprised me. He did it all, and he did it all with a smile and cheerful greetings for the guests. In fact, he did so well that he was able to cook and serve 12 people during one breakfast without any help at all. Of course the dishes then had to be done, the rooms had to be cleaned, the check-ins and check-outs had to be administered, the phone had to be answered, etc. Moreover, he had a sick wife to take to the doctor and see to her needs. Nonetheless, Hubby did it all. I don’t think he sat down for his evening meal until way after 10 pm. I was well impressed by my husband indeed!

Dining room, blenheim lodge, bowness on windermere, lake district

Our olde worlde dining room at Blenheim Lodge.

Finally, on Friday, I managed to wobble on my two legs up the stairs to attempt work. I managed to do a decent amount of work, then lay down for a rest before getting up to do more. And, I also decided to ask our older son to help out. He too was extremely good. The amount of work he did meant that my stint at servicing the rooms was significantly lessened. In fact, I think I have hit on a gold mine!

Today Hubby and I gave our son a little sum towards his work in the guest house. I think he was rather chuffed, and I am glad that he has earned himself some pocket money. The amount he received will pay for servicing his car, so he is well pleased.

So here we are at the beginning of the week following and I am still on medication. However, my doctor has instructed me on how to ease off it gently, otherwise my sickness will recur. Meanwhile, I thank God with heartfelt gratitude that my husband – and our son – managed to hold the fort together and even to sustain it quite well over the past week. At least our visitors were happy! And if our guests are happy, then so are we!

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2 Responses to My hubby, my hero

  1. BeWithUs says:

    See? Sometimes, being sick can help you get a closer look at all those loving hands supporting you all these while!

    Take care and be well (to you and your lovely business)! Cheers~ 😀

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