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If there were a biscuit for Clumsy Dog of the Year, I think that Maddi, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog, must be one of its most deserving recipients! Maddi is old for a Pyrenean – she will be 10 in mid-September. She is creaky with arthritis, lazy about moving sometimes, and had suffered a harsh life before we rescued her from Scottish Pyrenean Rescue. Maddi came to us as an only dog to begin with; but 4 months later, she was joined by a frisky long-legged pup, Zack, also a Pyrenean Mountain Dog re-homed by the same rescue centre.

Our beautiful Maddi.

Our beautiful Maddi.

Maddi was not happy to share her new home with another dog. It took more than a week to settle them, and even then the tensions could be palpable. Nonetheless, they are generally good with each other and even enjoy the odd game or two together. Now that Maddi is old, she gets a little irritated by Zack’s boisterous behaviour as he is still a teenager.

In deference to Maddi’s aching joints, Hubby often takes the dogs to The Glebe to walk them instead of taking them onto Brantfell behind our house. The Glebe is situated by Lake Windermere’s shoreline in Bowness, and it is largely flat. There, the dogs can potter about and even dip their noses in water if they so wish.

Our Pyreneans love walking along Bowness Bay, seen here one late summer evening.

Our Pyreneans love walking along Bowness Bay, seen here one late summer evening.

Two days ago, Hubby came back with the dogs after their walk and said, ‘Zack crapped in the car.’ My immediate reaction was ‘Why?’ They had left the house at 7:30 am, their usual time for walkies. ‘Don’t know,’ replied Hubby.

Then came the bombshell: ‘And Maddi SAT ON IT!’

Aaargh! I had just combed the dogs and now I would have to clean Maddi’s coat again.

There was more to come from Hubby, ‘I couldn’t get the shit off the car.’ Oh dear, I am really not looking forward to getting into that car again. However, after breakfast, Hubby went out with a bucket of hot water and proceeded to do his best to wash out the car.

That evening, after a busy day, I thought I had better look at the damage on Maddi’s furry coat. She smelt, but there was not much to see. Goodness only knows where she had spread the detritus. I took a pair of small sharp scissors and began to snip where I thought her hair looked more unkempt and darker than usual.

I cannot say that I enjoy the delights of fun and games of this nature. Maddi is not a naturally clean dog, unlike Zack, so she gets dirty more quickly. Hopefully, Maddi will be more careful about where she places her body next time. Meanwhile, let’s hope that we will not have another smelly incident for a long long time!

Our furry friends do take up rather a lot of space, and between them would probably take up most if not all of the floor space in my sister's living room!

Our furry friends, Maddi and Zack.

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