Going away to university

As summer wanes, new occurrences take their place. For Hubby and me, it is the advent of our younger son leaving for university. He is so excited about it, perhaps not for the right reasons; whilst his parents pray for him to be sensible and to keep safe in a city unknown to him. Thus it was that last Sunday saw us trundling down the M65 towards Leeds.

Hubby and I had never been to Leeds. As we do not have satellite navigation, I decided to print the directions from the Automobile Association website. The print out came out to three pages. Unfortunately, of those three pages, only 1.5 were of use to us.

The route took us from Bowness on Windermere via Skipton. From thence, the directions became more than a little useless. We were told to join the A660. Could we find it? The answer is a big fat ‘No’. What we found instead was the A650. The signs looked right i.e. we were heading in the correct direction; but the name of the road was wrong.

Thankfully, our son was a little more prepared than we were. (Wonders will never cease!) Using his mobile phone, he turned on satellite navigation and directed us into the city. Then, as he had looked up the location of the halls he would be staying at and used Google Maps to see it on the street, he was even able to recognise the building and road leading to it.

Well, the halls he is staying in must surely be one of the most expensive in Leeds. His accommodation was an en-suite room within a 4 or 5 bedroom flat. (I cannot remember how many bedrooms there are in the flat.) Newly refurbished for this year’s students, the halls feature new furniture, carpets and fittings. All very swish for a young man starting on his university career. Unfortunately, the halls do not come with everyday necessities, such as cutlery, crockery, pots and pans. So guess who are going to visit this weekend with all the necessities? You got it! His parents, who will also be taking his computer to him at the same time.

Our boy had been home for a week from Edinburgh before going to Leeds. The dogs, which had welcomed him with waggy tails and big doggy smiles, are missing his presence. At 19 years of age, our youngest would hop and jump up and down with Zack, which our zany fur ball copied faithfully to great guffaws of laughter and excited barks. Well, Zack is missing all that activity now.

So, aside from this second Sunday journey to Leeds, I think we will not be seeing our boy for a little while now. My prayer is that the Lord will keep watch over him and keep him safe. Faith is all that I have now to watch over him – for only the Lord can do it.

Image courtesy of http://weheartit.com/entry/22137800.

I can only prayerfully apply this verse to our son’s new educational journey and trust the Lord to care for him and direct his path. Image courtesy of http://weheartit.com/entry/22137800.

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3 Responses to Going away to university

  1. BeWithUs says:

    All the best to your son! Cheers~ 😀

  2. BeWithUs says:

    You’re welcome! Cheers!! 😀

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