Hair today, gone tonight!

Following on from my last post, readers will know about the aborted appointment at my hairdresser’s because he was running late and I could not wait for him any longer as my vehicle was on a parking meter. Having made a special trip to Kendal in order to get my hair cut, I felt somewhat annoyed, not so much with my hairdresser but with the fact that my eyes were still being tickled silly by a very overgrown fringe.

I had not had time over the last months to go out for a haircut. As my fringe grew longer and longer, my eyes grew more and more itchy because of the wisps of hair brushing my eyes. Now I could not stand it any longer. I was going to chop it off!

Going to Kendal to get my hair cut was a good excuse also for going out to run a few personal and household errands that I had been putting off. I had completed my errands, so now there was only the hair issue to address. So, after wetting my hair that evening, I braced myself before a mirror, scissors in hand.

What a disaster! I pulled my fringe down towards my eyebrows and snipped where I wanted it to end. Too late, I forgot that hair, when dry, would bounce up. That night, I lived in hope that the bouncing up would not be too drastic.

Next morning, I found out that my hair really does bounce upwards rather a lot! Hubby is still teasing me about the shrinking fringe, and has reminded me rather gleefully over the last three days that my hair has yet to grow:

‘Hey, guess what?’


‘I’ve got news for you.’

‘Un huh?’

‘Your fringe has grown shorter!’

Well, that’s life in the fast lane for me! I am not worried. The hair will grow eventually! Meanwhile, I have saved myself the cost of a £47 haircut, albeit unintentionally.

The countryside view from the B5284, on which I drove to Kendal. (Image Copyright Derek Harper courtesy of

The countryside view from the B5284, on which I drove to Kendal. (Image Copyright Derek Harper courtesy of

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