Maddi’s recent problems

I was brushing Maddi’s hair last night when I noticed a rather wide red patch of fur. It looked brackish and the red stain seemed to be radiating from a dark spot. Hubby came over to take a look and parted the hair around the spot but could not make out what it was. The good thing about all this was that Maddi did not seem bothered by our touching what looked like a raw area of her body.

This afternoon, I made an appointment for Hubby to take Maddi to the vet. I wanted to go too but we were expecting a guest so someone had to stay in for his arrival. The appointment was for 4:30 pm and Hubby returned about 1.5 hours later. (The vet is in Keswick, about 40-45 minutes’ drive from our house.)

Keswick town centre as it is now. (Photo courtesy of

Keswick town centre as it is now. (Photo courtesy of

I was anxious to hear about Maddi’s mysterious red spot, so when Hubby returned, I asked for the vet’s diagnosis. It turned out that the vet wasn’t absolutely certain what it was but thought it might be a wart. He took a scraping of Maddi’s skin (which Hubby said did not upset Maddi in the least) and then cleaned the scraped area with a special solution, of which he has sold us a small bottle. The vet thinks that Maddi has a burst wart. Since the wart is located on Maddi’s flank, it hits the floor or couch whenever she lies down and burst easily; hence the blood! The vet hopes that the wart will disappear, but if it does grow bigger, we will have to take Maddi back to get it re-examined.

The other problem which Hubby brought to the vet’s attention is Maddi’s propensity to get up and do a jig in the early hours of the morning. This was something she used to do a while back, but then she suddenly ceased her activities to our immense relief! (We were waking up at all hours and suffering from lack of sleep because her nails drumming on the wooden floor woke us and kept us awake until she had settled down again.)

Anyway, since 27th December, Maddi has not only been rising before the proverbial lark to do her early morning war dance, but has also finished her virtuoso performances with a flourish each and every time, bar once, with a spectacular lake of urine appearing on our flagstone floor! Not very nice! Again, this was something she used to do on a regular basis and then stopped doing it for no apparent reason. The vet thought she was going senile and prescribed her some medication to help her restore her sense of morning and night which helped to end those charades.

This time round, the vet has told Hubby that he thinks that Maddi’s ageing bladder muscles are no longer able to hold her wee as well as they did before, so she will need to be taken out twice before bedtime! I can assure my readers that Maddi will not like that! She has never been a great walker probably because of the arrhythmia she suffers from and, more latterly, her arthritic pains. If I know Maddi at all, she will simply point blank refuse to go out, and make herself as heavy as possible so that it will be difficult to drag her out. I have seen her literally digging her nails in!

Maddi’s stubbornness enabled her to survive gross abuse until the age of 2.5-3 years. Since then, she has exhibited that same fierce independence and pigheadedness. She was and still is in many ways like a cat: a law unto herself. However, as she has aged, so has she mellowed: where before she would not turn over on her back so that she would expose her vulnerable underbelly, she began to do so a year or two after we had adopted her for a tummy rub. For years, she never approached any of us for a stroke or pat, and it has only been in the latter years that she has come up close to tentatively sniff at us as if asking for some affectionate recognition.

pyrenean mountain dog, lake district

Maddi, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Well, I hope for Maddi’s sake that this wart, if it is a wart, will disappear. Certainly I hope that there will not be any complications. The poor old soul deserves an easier life after all the hardship she suffered in her early years. Tonight will see the second application of this wash that the vet has prescribed for Maddi. Let’s see how she responds to her medication over the next few days.

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3 Responses to Maddi’s recent problems

  1. BeWithUs says:

    My heart will always sink whenever I spotted something foreign on our pets’ body…my fingers are crossing for Maddi’s speedy recovery.

    Take care and be well, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  2. blodge1 says:

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  3. BeWithUs says:

    You’re welcome!! Cheers~ 😀

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