He’s never too busy to listen

I re-learnt a lesson the other day – that God is never too busy to listen.

I had been feeling rather tired just before bedtime, and did not feel like reading the Bible as I would normally do before closing my eyes. When I am tired, I find it more difficult to concentrate and so I thought I would skip the Bible reading that night. Instead, I reached out for one of the Bible study booklets dispensed by Radio Bible Class, a long established organisation that helps people all around the world to find out more about God and to encourage Christians in their walk with the Lord.

Now, as I was saying above, I really did not feel very alert the other night and could not truly be bothered to spend time with God and His Word. The Holy Spirit, however, was not for letting me go; thus I picked up one of the RBC Bible study booklets and opened it at random to read. What do you know? The lesson for the day was that God is never too busy to listen to us. (http://odb.org/2011/12/02/never-too-busy/)

I felt so ashamed. When things go wrong, I often go straight to the Father to ask for His help and succour. I expect Him to be there for me all the time, day or night. And that is only right; for our Father is the God of all times and seasons and He is always there for us. Yet, just because I felt a little tired, I was reluctant to spend energy concentrating on His Word. How selfish I was!

In this world, we often hear people – both Christians and non-believers – say when things go wrong, ‘I’m just praying and hoping . . . .’ Why do we say that? Is it just a figure of speech when we say that we are just ‘praying‘ or do we truly pray and hope for His grace? If it is the latter, then why do we often live our lives, both before and after the event or events that require divine intervention, as if we do not need God?

Psalm 145:18. (Image courtesy of www.pinterest.com/pin/353532639469125094.)

Psalm 145:18. (Image courtesy of http://www.pinterest.com/pin/353532639469125094.)

What I am trying to say is this: ‘Why am I and much of Mankind so egotistical as to assume that God should stop and listen to us when we cannot be bothered to make time for Him in our lives?’ Yet the Lord is a compassionate God and He loves us the way we are when we come to Him, warts and all: ‘The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.’ (Ps. 145:18) He wants us to grow more like Jesus, but He is patient with us despite our failings. He knows we are weak, but if we ask Him, He can make us strong for Him so that our ways will give Him the glory.

It is odd how I have all through my life always known in the back of my mind that God is always there for me – on call, so to speak – but never thought of reciprocating the gesture. Yes, when I have been fired up with spiritual fervour, I might have said, ‘Speak to me, Lord, for I am listening;’ but, I should always be ready to listen all of the time. That was why I felt so ashamed when I read the article. If God is never too busy for me, then I should never be too busy or tired for Him. I should not take Him and His goodness and mercy for granted!

And at the end of the reading, I understood something anew: God is never too busy to listen to me. It’s incredible how a fact like this can get ‘lost’ over the years, despite having seen the Lord’s hand in many answered prayers, as well as requests that He did not answer in the ways that I would have liked them to be answered. That RBS ‘Our Daily Bread’ reading reminded me that God loves us, which is why He wants us to communicate with Him anytime wherever we are, sharing with Him our joys, our sorrows, our fears, our frustrations, our anger, and any multitude of questions. HE IS NEVER TOO BUSY TO LISTEN!

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2 Responses to He’s never too busy to listen

  1. Naomi Fata says:

    Great post. Lately I’ve been praying that He would give me the ears to ear.

  2. blodge1 says:

    Lovely to hear from a fellow Christian. Thanks for reading.

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