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I thought I would write today with some news on our front garden. I mentioned in a couple of posts previously that we are redoing the garden to the front of our house. Work has now been going on for two weeks, with some weeks more of a ‘miss’ than a ‘hit’ because of inclement weather. However, now I can share with you something a little more concrete although the work is by no means complete.

Building our front garden at Blenheim Lodge, Lake District.

Building our front garden at Blenheim Lodge, Lake District.

There’s Les in the photo selecting a stone to put make up the wall. Our two landscapers are so meticulous that they use a spirit level each time they place a stone to build up the wall. If the stone is not quite right in size or shape, they literally knock them into the required shape to build the wall. These are salvaged stones which will not look out of place in front of our 19th century home.

Of course, on the same day that Les and Fred were completing the wall that you can see just in front of the white arrow, our dear ole son decided that he would bang into it. That stone wall had literally been completed moments before our eldest returned home in his little VW Golf. In the past, the car parking space began further back to the front steps (see the photo below) with possibly up to five or six feet spare. Our boy was very familiar with the amount of space he could reverse his car into, but yesterday was the first time he was parking in the same space with the added wall.

The entrance to Blenheim Lodge Guest House, Lake District.

The entrance to Blenheim Lodge Guest House, Lake District.

I was standing at the window and speaking to a couple of newly arrived guests when I heard the car revving up as it backed into the space. I gave a little scream as I watched the car bang into it. On going outside, I could hear Hubby asking our son why he did not use his side mirrors to guide him! The Golf sustained a tiny dent, but hopefully our boy will have learnt his lesson!

Poor Les and Fred had not one minute earlier finished building the wall. Rushing over to check the wall, the two men proceeded to measure its level with their spirit levels and also to check the stones and edges. After some adjustment, they put the wall to rights. There was not much to do; ‘one millimetre,’ said Les. However, ‘one millimetre’ out was not good enough for our landscapers. Everything has to be perfect; and if they do not get it right, then, they said, when their boss comes round to check, he will tell them to tear down whatever they have completed and restart. Thankfully, the cement was still soft, so the chaps could readjust the wall to their satisfaction.

As you can see from the first photo, there is still more to do on the garden, but the job is now about halfway done. I am still trying to find a buyer for the four tons of local Lakeland walling stones we originally bought because we will not need them. Thus far, I have put them up for sale on Gumtree and Preloved at the same price we paid for them. This is what the stone looks like.

This is the local Lakeland walling stone quarried in Cumbria that we have for resale at the same price for which we paid for them.

This is the local Lakeland walling stone quarried in Cumbria that we have for resale at the same price we paid for them.

I am looking forward to seeing the end result of our garden project. I have high hopes that it will look lovely – inviting and welcoming to guests arriving at Blenheim Lodge – and I cannot wait to see the area planted out. Hubby and the garden designer now have this idea of putting up a light near the stone wall. I am not certain I want a light just in case someone else decides to back into the wall!

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