Seeing the vet tomorrow

Early this evening, Hubby came into the living room and beckoned to me. ‘Come here,’ he said. ‘I have something to show you.’ My gut reaction was, ‘What have you done?’ ‘Nothing,’ said Hubby. ‘It’s something very curious.’

So down the stairs I traipsed after Hubby and he stopped in front of Maddi, our aged Pyrenean Mountain Dog. He went to her back end and lifted up the hair and said, ‘Come and take a look.’ And there, for all to see, was a patch of naked back situated between her hips. In all my years owning dogs, I have never seen the like, so I immediately phoned the vet.

It was just after 6 pm when I phoned the vet, but no appointments were available until tomorrow morning. We are actually having the gardeners in tomorrow to hopefully complete our landscaping project but Maddi has to come first. Moreover, since we do not know the cause of the hair loss, the vet has asked us to take Zack along to see him as well in case the problem is contagious. Ah me! Why must things be so complicated?

The advice from the vet’s office has been to separate the two dogs from each other but how we can do this tomorrow I do not know unless we take two cars with a dog in each car up to Keswick to visit the surgery. Meanwhile, I decided to text the kennels from which we rescued our dogs to ask for advice. The reply came saying that it is unlikely to be anything contagious but is just a matter of Maddi manifesting her old age because the area she has gone bald is where her sebaceous glands are and the cause is likely hormonal. Well, we will find out tomorrow, but first Hubby will have to devise a way of getting the two dogs to the vet without them being in contact with each other as I have to be in to see to the gardeners coming tomorrow and also incoming guests.

I hope that it will be ‘all’s well that ends well’. Hubby had an incipient thought of what would happen if Maddi’s hair continues to fall out because of her increasing debilitation. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. The poor girl already suffers from a heart defect, arthritis, deafness, and poor eyesight. And these are only the problems we know about. Thus we can only wait patiently for the vet’s diagnosis tomorrow and take it from there.

thirlmere, lake district

Our babies walking with us. Thirlmere is in the background, a manmade lake used as a reservoir.

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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