Living with a Pyrenean

It’s hot! There is no other word for it. Even the dog prefers to be indoors rather than out! Hubby had fenced off an area in the backyard so that Zack could go out and enjoy some fresh Lakeland air. Unfortunately, Zack is far from impressed. He seems to prefer being indoors, close to all he holds dear, and where he can keep his beady eye on a pigeon that seems to have made its home on our window sill!

Pyreneans can be real couch potatoes. Ours have always shown a tendency to lie in places where they are nothing but in the way: cue entrances and exits; strategic positions that provide at a glance the staircase and other doorways; basically, imagine what should be empty through-ways now filled with a hairy beast that can trip one up if one forgets to watch one’s feet. These are the spots where our Pyreneans seem to enjoy lying in wait for the unwary.

Of course, just because Zack does not like high temperatures, he is nonetheless a gallivanter, and will go walkies as and when opportunities arise. BUT, he does not like the rain, or the snow, although he is more amenable to going out under those conditions than Monty and Maddi ever were. Can you imagine that? A Pyrenean with a tough double layer coat that is finicky about getting wet?

It rained on Friday when Zack was taken out for his bedtime walk. Nope! No good! He was only going to do No.1, but not No.2 – no, Siree, weather’s all wrong for that! 3:30 a.m. and the weather has turned for the better. Zack comes to my side of the bed and wakes me up with a nudge and snuffle: ‘Gotta go, Mum!’ So, I nudge Hubby and mumble at him, ‘Zack needs to go out!’ Poor Hubby then had to get up and take the dog out so that he could do that oh-so-important No. 2.

With the lighter mornings, Hubby and I have lost lots of sleep as Zack seems to wake with the rising of the summer sun! We are lucky if we get any sleep past 5:30 a.m. before our bright-eyed wonder decides that it is time to go walkies. But, if a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go.

I love reading before bedtime, but Zack’s shenanigans are changing my body clock so that I am now feeling sleepy before my usual time for retiring. As for Hubby, who does the walkies, I caught him snoring around 4 p.m. one day. Zack, needless to say, was quite happy to lie beside his master. But look closely at the photo to see a mischievous smile on this loveable bright-eyed bushy-tailed monster: he, of course, need not work but can rest and sleep the day away as he so wishes; ‘I’ve bested you, Mum and Dad,’ says that grin!

Zack: 'It's only 4 p.m. and not time for bed yet, but I'll keep you company if you wish!'

Zack: ‘It’s only 4 p.m. and not time for bed yet, but I’ll keep you company if you wish!’

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11 Responses to Living with a Pyrenean

  1. Dog or polar bear?

  2. blodge1 says:

    Hey! Maybe he is a hybrid, just that we never knew!

  3. Dogs make better pets.

  4. blodge1 says:

    Hmm! Got to think about that one! Does he look like a polar bear to you?

  5. He doesn’t really look like a polar bear, but I thought the comparison was funny since it doesn’t really make sense. You can hug a big dog, but polar bears are unfriendly.

  6. blodge1 says:

    It is FUNNY! Actually, lots of people have said that he looks alike a polar bear. And he is friendly, alright! Will come and sit on your lap if he could fit.
    Hope my post gave you a good belly laugh!
    By the way, can I say again how much I enjoy looking at those wonderful photos you take of buildings, animals and landscapes?

  7. Glad you like the photos, and I did enjoy your story.

  8. blodge1 says:

    Many thanks.

  9. Clowie says:

    I am often to be found sprawled across a doorway. My favourite spot at night is across the front door, preferably with all the other doors open – although that’s not too important because I can open them if I need to.

    If I need anything in the night, I usually wake the female biped but if I have a security concern I wake the male.

  10. blodge1 says:

    Zack sometimes lies so close to the door I have trouble opening it! AND, he does not move – just looks at me as if to say, ‘What are you doing?’ Am I in the way?’

  11. Clowie says:

    I lie with my back up against the door. There’s no way anyone can open it unless I move! But I do move when asked, not always as quickly as they’d like though!

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