Our 5-day jaunt – Day 1

On 1st December, Hubby and I set out on a 5-day jaunt that had only been vaguely planned in terms of itinerary. This was the first time we had taken a break away in years as the recession has been hard on us. However, I really wanted to go away as part of our silver anniversary celebrations and thought it would be nice anyway simply to get away from it all.

I began considering places to visit and conferring with Hubby as to where it would be best to go during this late autumn period. A few areas came to mind, namely the Cotswolds, Chester, Northumbria, and Yorkshire. We wanted to visit areas that would be dog-friendly since Zack was going to be travelling with us and which were not going to involve extensive motoring. In the end, we plumbed for Yorkshire via Barnard Castle.

We left Blenheim Lodge mid-morning on Monday and duly made our way north, then east, to Barnard Castle. The day was rather dull but our spirits were good and soon after we parked up in town, we met a Scottish lady who came to say hello to Zack. She was a former nurse and used to rescue dogs owned by the elderly folk she cared for. How kind was that! As it was lunch time, we then asked her where we might go for lunch with our big boy in tow. She pointed directly across the road to a pub, which we checked out after walking around town. Unfortunately, it did not appeal to us; and it was then that I said to Hubby that we should consider the inn at Romaldkirk which I had found online prior to travelling.

It took a little work, with me calling the inn to get directions and trying to locate the street signs that would take us in the right direction to Romaldkirk, a tiny village 4 miles from Barnard Castle. Eventually, a kind shopkeeper pointed the way, and we were glad we made the effort to find it. The inn was as cosy inside as it looked inviting outside. There was a friendly ambience and the food was good. What more could we ask? Hubby knew that I had already emailed prior to arrival about accommodation, although I had not actually booked a room because we were going to play it by ear. However, as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – which perhaps might also be true when considering the way to a man’s wallet! Without further ado, Hubby said that we should stay at the inn. We took a look at the room available and the rest was history.

Hubby and I and Zack at Rose and Crown, the inn at Romaldkirk. This photo was taken after dinner on 1.12.14 by the lovely evening manageress.

At the Rose and Crown, the inn at Romaldkirk. This photo was taken after dinner on 1.12.14 by the lovely evening manageress.

3 pm, no more than 1.5 hours before dusk, and Hubby and I, having just been given the keys to our room, were now moving our belongings inside. We had been travelling since 11 am and a walk was in order to stretch our legs. Outside, it was beginning to drizzle but that was not going to stop us going out for a walk along the old disused railway track, just a short distance from the inn. Dog and humans ready, we finally left the room around 3:30 pm and made our way along the country road to what we found was a rather muddy track.

I am afraid I cannot report much on the walk as dusk was falling and the footpath we were on did not allow for views, being shielded as it was on either side by overgrown vegetation. I have very poor night vision and despite Hubby’s torch, I was not desirous of walking back in the dark, so we turned round soon after 4 pm and headed back towards the inn. Back at the inn, the sky was now almost completely dark. Time, Hubby said, for a cup of tea.

It was as we settled into the room that we noticed our poor dog limping. He had been fine before the walk. Why was he limping now? That night, poor Zack whimpered periodically in his sleep. Both of us were worried but could find nothing amiss. Working my fingers around his sore leg to check for any foreign objects caught between his pads, or a bump or scratch or cut in the vicinity turned up nothing. If he kept limping, we would have to take him to the vet.

Nevertheless, despite Zack’s misfortune, Hubby and I had a good time. In fact, we think Zack had a super time too! He had tasty leftovers for dinner – always a good thing for dogs that love human food – and had had the enjoyment of our company throughout the day – always a boon for the family-loving dog which prefers his humans’ company above all else.

Yes, all in all, it had been a wonderful day. And so on to the next part of our trip. Er . . . where are we going next?

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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