Ages since I wrote!

It’s been ages since I wrote my last post. Life seems to have taken over, namely the refurbishment of our family apartment in Edinburgh. We have a flat there which we let out and our most recent ex-tenant had left it early but in a most undelightful state. With me being in the Lakes and the flat being in Scotland, my sister and I had rather a job trying to co-ordinate workmen and repairs for the place. Thankfully, the flat had been let as an unfurnished apartment so there was nothing moveable to destroy, although we did have to give away or sell all the furniture that had been there originally.

Thence to my busy bee moments . . .  which stretched and stretched. I had found new tenants for the flat and they wanted it furnished. Help! We had absolutely no furniture in it and, never having once seen the flat, I could not judge the dimensions of the rooms or picture the type of furniture I should purchase for it. Previously, we had commissioned a company to go in and furnish the flat from top to bottom. Now, I had to help do this in discussion with my sister who, thankfully, knows the flat more intimately than I do. Unfortunately, she too is working – and helping to look after mum as her main carer – hence much of the searching for furniture fell to me.

It’s not easy to look for furniture for a place when one cannot see in one’s mind’s eye where it is going to sit. Secondly, there was a budget – or want of (!) – to consider. Thankfully, I already had some pieces of furniture from Blenheim Lodge to send up to the flat, and hired a removal firm to take them there. Nonetheless, there was more to be sought and bought.

So, what did we buy? Well, I bought a leather sofa suite, two double beds and mattresses and a wardrobe for the flat. Sis bought another wardrobe, and other bits and bobs for it. The van went up with more beds, side tables, bedside cabinets, rugs, dressing chest, etc. The last was the easiest part of the move. Before that, I had to clear a path through my storeroom in order to get to the pieces of furniture and other items that I was to send up to Edinburgh. You’ve got it: the storeroom was so full that I could not get beyond its door! It took three days to sort through my hoard, throw out old stuff, and then to set aside the items that I was saying goodbye to.

Couple all that the above entailed with my usual working hours at our Bed and Breakfast, and it was no surprise that I never went to bed before midnight or 1 am everyday for the past month. Now, I am catching up with things I have left undone: like writing on my blog. Anyway, here’s to say ‘hello’ again to my readers. I have resurfaced – at least until the next big ‘event’ overtakes my life again!

The lounge at Blenheim Lodge, Bowness on Windermere, English Lake District.

Relaxing in our lounge with its lovely views of Lake and fells at Blenheim Lodge, Bowness on Windermere, English Lake District.

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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Telephone: 015394 43440

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