Making his presence known

Zack, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is getting well on in years. For a giant breed, his 8.75 years really represents quite a hefty number in human years, although I cannot tell precisely what that would be. I fear that dear Zack is becoming rather arthritic. I see him tripping over nothing and finding it difficult to rise from a lying position. It fair breaks my heart to see this once bouncy dog of the Tigger variety limping and struggling to get up.

comic dog on skates

What Zack used to do! Our Pyrenean Mountain Dogs have a different look, but this image will give you an idea of the laughs to be had when our dogs ‘skate’! (Image courtesy of

However, despite all his physical woes, Zack is nothing but vocally able when he wants company and we are not in the immediate vicinity. From the bottom of the stairs and through closed doors up three flights of stairs, I often hear tiny squeaks and a hurting kind of call – which is similar to and yet not quite a bark – as he makes his desire known. Zack calls when he feels it is time to do so. On Day One, His Majesty might not want company until 2 pm. On Day Two, it might be 10:30 am that he makes his voice heard instead. Sometimes, when Hubby and I are busy in the guest house, it is not so easy to drop everything and give him the company he desires.

Zack is being cuddled. Look at that gleeful look in his eyes!

What Zack likes: Zack is being cuddled. Look at that gleeful look in his eyes!

Zack especially loves our older son and will dance around when he seems him, shaky legs notwithstanding. I think Zack’s fondness for our son might be stomach led as much as a desire for his companionship. Our boy will cook his own meal and make an extra portion for the dog as well. He will lie quietly with the dog, keeping company with the latter whilst the hands of the clock tick their slow way round.

Picture of two Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Maddi and Zack, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog mascots at Blenheim Lodge. Both dogs were previously abused and rescued by us. They are not allowed into the part of our guest house where our guests stay, since they may not be everyone’s cup of tea! (This photo was taken some while back by a photographer from Figaro, a Japanese lifestyle ladies’ magazine. The photographer took this picture as part of their magazine feature on Blenheim Lodge.)

Like all pet owners, our family hates to see our furry boy not quite at his best. We do not begrudge spending time with him when he so obviously enjoys our company. I only wish we had lots more leisure time so that we can spend even more we-time with Zack. My dearest wish for Zack is that he should recover his joie de vivre and be able to do what he loved best: to leap about like any able-bodied dog. Meantime, our once madman of a dog is now rather more sedate – perhaps as befitting his old age; however, he has certainly not lost his knack of letting us know he desires our company whenever he wamts it!

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