Zack’s new jumper

Hubby and I have never bought any clothing for our dogs before. However, since starting Zack on hydrotherapy, we were advised by the hydrotherapist to buy him a fleece jumper in order to keep his muscles warm after exercise. We were pointed to Equafleece, which we were assured would also help to wick the water away from his very thick fur coat, so that it would take less time for him to dry.

Prior to buying the fleece jumper, Zack took at least 48 hours to dry out. Now it only takes him 24-36 hours to dry. We ordered Zack a jumper about 10 days ago. Having measured our big boy, we were advised by the store to buy him a size 40, the second largest jumper available in store. A logan green jumper was dispatched very quickly, and we had some fun and games trying to put it on our big boy.

A size 40 jumper on Zack was too tight and not long enough.

A size 40 jumper on Zack was too tight and not long enough.

The jumper looked tight on Zack and did not cover his rump, so we rang the store and explained that the jumper did not cover him as much as similar jumpers did on their website’s model dogs. The very helpful lady asked us to send a photo of Zack in the jumper, which we did. The next and largest jumper they make at the store is a 43, so she advised swopping for one of those. About a week later, et voila!

Does not Zack look handsome in his mulberry jumper?

Does not Zack look handsome in his mulberry jumper?

We slipped the jumper on Zack – well, actually there was a little struggle to get it onto a wet dog, because the jumper arrived the afternoon of his third swim – and he slept in it through the night. By the next morning, he was mostly dry, except for his rump. Indeed, the area left uncovered by the jumper remained very wet. (From the measurements on the store’s website, we had known that the dog jumper would be short on Zack but it was the largest we could find to buy anywhere .)

I now have an idea of how to deal with Zack’s fur: I am going to try combing out some of his hair after each swim and then put on the jumper. This way, my hope is that the parts that are combed will not matt, which was what happened when I neglected to brush his hair before putting the jumper on his wet body.

Any advice for a better way to deal with Zack’s fur, wet or dry, would be most welcome!

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