What I have been doing lately

I have been very remiss about writing on this blog over the past week. Instead, I have been doing all kinds of research for the sake of our guest house, Blenheim lodge. Hubby and I have been looking into doing some upgrading at our B&B over the next few weeks and it seems to have taken much of my time at present! One of these projects is the flooring in our dining room.

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The dining room inglenook at Blenheim Lodge.

We are going to get the dining room done up this Winter. To this end, we contacted a couple of businesses that hand-make their furniture the old fashioned way. One has a workshop in Keswick and the other has one in Stafford. We were going to go with the local cabinet maker but he could not get the furniture built in time for us, so we have decided to order from the Staffordshire company instead. Eight tables will be built to a traditional design and can be left in their natural oak hues or stained to darker shades. We are also considering new handmade chairs, perhaps with leather seats.

Flooring has been a huge issue for us. We want to buy new flooring – but, what should we buy? First, we considered re-carpeting the floor. However, we do have a Black Watch carpet (courtesy of Hubby’s Scottish roots) throughout the landings and corridors of our home so this new carpet would either have to match or at least not clash with the Black Watch pattern. For practicality’s sake, we would also have to choose a carpet on which unfortunate spills which cannot be fully removed on cleaning are unlikely to look glaringly obvious. We went to the carpet shop on Friday and Hubby picked a blue carpet. I hated it! It was dull, dated, and uninspiring.

A Black Watch carpet lines our corridors, stairs and landing. The white doors lead to guest rooms and the open door leads into the guest lounge. There is a comfy chaise longue in the hallway as well to relax upon.

A Black Watch carpet lines our corridors, stairs and landing. The white doors open onto ground floor guest rooms, with a bright and cosy guest lounge inbetween. There is a comfy chaise longue in the hallway as well to relax upon.

Next idea please! We had been considering a wooden floor. To this end, we had already asked someone to quote for floor-sanding services. Unfortunately, when we lifted the carpet, we found that the floorboards were not in the best of condition. Hubby was not convinced that an original sanded floor would be a tenable option. What about a commercial Pergo floor then? It would be heavy duty with good moisture and scratch resistance. We are currently awaiting samples. Next, I decided to check for suppliers and fitters of reclaimed wood floors. I would dearly love an old oak floor, beautifully polished so that its ages-old patina shines through. I have now sent off a few enquiries over the weekend and hope to hear next week.

What is next on the agenda? Well, we are meeting with an upholsterer next week to see what we can do with the dining chairs: should we re-polish and re-upholster them or should we get new ones commissioned? Then, it’s down to the crockery. We want to get new table services as part of the revamp. Hubby’s parents have already gifted us with new cutlery, which is great!

Looking for ideas and finding things that we like and which we think will suit the homely feel of our guest house has been more difficult than I expected. It has also been very time-consuming indeed! We had begun by searching for an interior designer. However, having looked at what interior designers charge, Hubby thought we would be better off trying to do things ourselves. I hope that we will have made all our decisions regarding the dining room by the end of play this coming week.

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

Visit our website: http://www.blenheim-lodge.com

Email: enquiries@blenheim-lodge.com

Telephone: 015394 43440

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